See The Friends Cast Reunited With The Big Bang Theory Stars

Next month, a little slice of TV heaven will be airing on NBC, as an upcoming special will celebrate the iconic TV director James Burrows by boasting a nearly complete reunion for the cast members of Friends, over ten years after the show left NBC for good. And here is our first look at everyone, as well as several cast members from The Big Bang Theory.

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Did everyone cheer and clap accordingly at all those smiling faces? Did it bring back memories of being on a break, or of Matt Leblanc with a turkey on his head? Of smelly cats and “Monica Bang?” Also, where is Marcel, and can Gunther get me a cup of coffee?

The one glaring omission in this shot, of course, is Matthew Perry, whose absence is due to prior obligations for a theatrical play in London. I mean, could these guys BE any more Chandler-deficient? Considering it isn’t a scripted reunion – something that won’t ever happen anyway – the incomplete sextet is disappointing surely, but assuming the rest of them take to the stage for some cheesy words and photo ops, Friends fans should be okay. (Fingers crossed that David Schwimmer pops his shirt open to reveal he’s wearing a dinosaur T-shirt underneath.) As well, Perry will be sending in pre-recorded salutations, so he’ll be there in digital spirit.

The image was shared on Instagram by Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki, whose co-stars Jim Parsons, Simon Helberg and Kaley Cuoco were also on hand for this all-star shot. (I’ll assume that Mayim Bialik is somewhere polishing her recently won Critics’ Choice award while getting ready for the sitcom’s next sex scene.) These two casts’ members presumably account for a large percentage of the highest paid TV performers of all time, and both shows are known for being ratings monsters. Since revivals are all the rage these days, can we get a Circus of the Stars special with these two casts?

Beyond Friends and Big Bang Theory’s best and brightest, viewers can probably expect to see a plethora of other TV actors showing up on the special, as Burrows has directed everything from Cheers to Frasier to Mike & Molly to Taxi, along with dozens and dozens of other series both beloved and forgotten. Check it all out when the special airs on NBC on Sunday, February 21, at 9 p.m. ET.

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