See The Gross Injury Amy Schumer Suffered While Filming Saturday Night Live

True artists must make sacrifices for their crafts, and “the show must go on” attitude is not always an easy one to maintain. Still, Amy Schumer is a comedienne to her core, and no obstacle was too bruising for her to give a killer performance as recent host of NBC’s Saturday Night Live. In fact, in Schumer’s case, the bruising was rather grossly literal. She took to Instagram to show the world just what she endured for the sake of some Saturday night hilarity.

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Lesser comics might have shied off from the action once that bruise started to form, but not Amy Schumer. Physical humor is a type that never fails to get viewers laughing, and SNL is not a program on which sketch comedy veteran Schumer would want to lose the faith of the audience. Amy Schumer has proved herself a box office and stand-up hit, but bombing even a little bit on Saturday Night Live could be a setback.

Luckily, the sketch featuring the fake airline door that saw Schumer earn herself a lovely patch of red and purple on her shoulder was pretty damn funny. There are few things that a rendition of a famous Spice Girls song can’t make funnier, and substituting airline safety regulations for the original lyrics was something that we never knew we needed. Check it out!

There’s not a wince or a flinch to be seen to give away that Amy Schumer was in any pain. Sure, there was some agony from being flung outside of an airplane in flight and then dragged along for a solid minute or so, but there was no hint of real pain beneath the fake pain. Kudos to Amy Schumer for being a good sport for the sake of making us laugh.

Kudos must also go to the SNL cast members who managed to get through the sketch without cracking up. Some of the most fun sketches actually are when the performers break into some live bloopers, but we didn’t need anything to spice – pardon the pun – up the comedy. Schumer gave a performance that is proof enough that her recent successes have not been flukes.

Those of us who had never heard of the comedienne a year ago have had a crash course in all things Amy Schumer thanks to her meteoric rise to mainstream celebrity. Her Comedy Central series Inside Amy Schumer has gained a loyal following, and her big screen venture Trainwreck alongside SNL alum Bill Hader was a hit.

We can be sure that Amy Schumer's recent stint on SNL proved that her sketch comedy can work as well live as it does when recorded. Although currently on hiatus, Inside Amy Schumer airs on Comedy Central.

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