Serial Killer Drama 'Those Who Kill' Sets Premiere Date, Chloe Sevigny Searches In First Still

There’s no denying that one of TV’s biggest go to characters in recent years is the serial killer, utilized by many series such as the recent hit Hannibal. It’s a trend that has always existed in some form, but was brought out in full by Showtime’s recently ended Dexter. A&E recently revealed the premiere date for their own entry into the sub-genre, Those Who Kill, and everyone interested can tune in to the first episode on Monday, March 3, at the 10 p.m. ET. Not only that, but we have our first still, seen below.

those who kill still

Chloe Sevigny’s lead character Catherine Jensen is looking for something in the photo, courtesy of TV Guide. I’m not sure I want her to find what she’s looking for, because I honestly don’t know whether to be excited by Jensen or afraid of her. That, in and of itself, is enough to get me into this series from the ground up.

The ten-episode season is based on a Danish series co-written by journalist turned crime novelist Elsebeth Egholm. It will center on Jensen, a young no-bullshit detective who stops at little in hunting down Pittsburgh’s more grisly murderers. Her attitude is in part formed by the disappearance of her brother and the sneaking suspicion that her stepfather is in fact a serial killer.

Jensen bonds emotionally with the victims in her pursuits, and she calls upon the assistance of a forensic psychologist Thomas Schaeffer, played by James D’Arcy, to get her into the proper mindset. Schaeffer finds himself connecting more to the killers, and you know that can’t be good. While the synopsis doesn’t set up a clear central narrative, it mentions their families getting involved and trouble falling on everyone.

According to Deadline, executive producer Brian Grazer explained to a crowd at the TCA Winter TV Press Tour that the series is not a serial killer drama in the strictest sense. He called it “a cautionary tale and way to create an empowerment vehicle,” which doesn’t really say anything, and that it was about “the ramifications of violence” and “what the victims have to suffer.” I mean, I’m interested in it already, so I don’t need to know what it is and isn’t really about.

Below you can watch the eerie teaser trailer A&E released last month.

And now, watch the even more intensifying trailer for the Danish version, which I hope makes it to the States in some official form soon.

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