Sesame Street Takes Aim At HBO With Birdwalk Empire

Things are just beginning to heat up on the third season of HBO’s award winning Boardwalk Empire and blood is sure to soon be spilled but something tells me disputes are handled a bit differently down on the “Birdwalk.” That’s right, when waddle comes to hop during a spoof of the prohibition drama on the celebrated children’s show Sesame Street, a few feathers may fly but ultimately things come to a peaceful flapping resolution. Confused? Just watch the PBS series spoof HBO with ”Birdwalk Empire”…

First of all, the title sequence (with the sleeves of crackers) and the set design (with neon lit birds) were both terrific, not to mention that opening shot that cranes down on Nucky Ducky Thompson and the ‘quackers’ (ducks) doing their walk down the Birdwalk. I must say, if I was forced to take sides say at gunpoint, I much prefer the way that Clucky Luciano and his chickens move but hey, good thing Agent Van Cuckoo arrives with a peaceful compromise before Mallard Capone takes matters into his own wings.

I’m still marvelling at the wonderful little set, with the ferris wheel silhouette going in the background. Some great work from Sesame Street that probably made the kids show a little more enjoyable for the parents/babysitters stuck watching it with their kids. Or the adults who watch both. There might be a bit of an overlap. Boardwalk Empire returns with Episode 4, “Blue Bell Boy,” Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. “Birdwalk Empire” returns, well, who knows but you can find out where and when to watch Sesame Street on PBS Kids.