On The Set Of Community: Donald Glover and Danny Pudi Help Out With With Annie's Move

Walking on to the set of Community a few weeks ago, one of the first things I saw was Danny Pudi’s head covered in about six rolls of bubble wrap and Donald Glover hitting him with a wooden tennis racquet. While I wanted to believe that this was just the two actors having a laugh, it was actually rehearsal for a scene from tonight’s episode, titled “Studies in Modern Movement.”

As the title suggests, this week Annie is moving in with Troy and Abed, whose apartment we first saw earlier this season in “Remedial Chaos Theory.” You may notice that the two boys are wearing matching green shirts reading “#AnniesMove.” This is because they’re live-tweeting as they pick up boxes and help their friend come live with them. But if you think that’s the extent of their hijinks for this week, you should guess again.

Check out my video interview with the Danny Pudi and Donald Glover below, in which we discuss tonight’s episode, the “jumping the shark” possibility of moving in together that was suggested in the first season finale, and I embarrass myself by mixing up Lost and The Wire in my tiny, tiny brain.

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Eric Eisenberg
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