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Seth MacFarlane Elects Matt Groening For Mayor Of Television In Awesome Caricature


For unapologetically diehard Simpsons fans, these past few weeks have been an embarrassment of riches. (Figuratively, right?) Not only was the FXX marathon a success, but we’ve gotten a few really good looks at what each of the upcoming crossover episodes with Futurama and Family Guy will look like. And now we all finally answer that age-old question, “What would it look like if Matt Groening and Seth MacFarlane drew each other?”

Thanks to EW (credited for sharing the above depiction along with the two illustrations bellow), we can now tell our grandchildren what Matt “the Mayor of Television” Groening would look like if he smoked a cigar in a suit and top hat, and that there was once a time when Seth MacFarlane didn’t have a chin.


It’s a nice touch of Groening to apologize to MacFarlane for phoning it in like this, though that’s some cromulent hair work.


Remember when people had conversations about if these guys hated each other or not? (Maybe you don’t.) It’s weird that it’s taken this long for something official to happen between the two mainstay Fox series, but better late than never, some would say.

The EW issue contains an amusing interview between the two series creators, as well as a handful of “rejected ideas” for the episode, which basically just sticks Peter Griffin and his family inside of Springfield and allows them to run amok amid the town’s finest. One of these ideas, as given by the Family Guy writers, was for the Griffins to meet Lenny and Carl and spend an entire week with them and no other Simpsons characters. Another, more Lost-ian idea was “it turns out that all of Family Guy has taken place inside a snow globe in Ralph Wiggum’s room.” Classic Ralph.

If you want a sneak peak at the crossover episode, called “The Simpsons Guy,” check out the first five minutes in the video below, with footage first shown at Comic-Con.

Will Lisa and Meg bond? Will Peter say something offensive to Apu? Will there be a Tracy Ullman Show cutaway gag? Find out when Season 13 of Family Guy premieres on Sunday, September 28.

Nick Venable

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