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Fresh off crushing with their Barack Obama episode, Mythbusters is back on the celebrity guest star horse, this time teaming with funnyman Seth Rogen. He, along with Jamie and Adam, will team up to figure out whether some of the more ridiculous elements of Rogen's upcoming Green Hornet would actually work in real life.

According to Discovery, Mythbusters will specifically take on two of the stunts. The first involves Rogen and his loyal sidekick Kato using rockets to blow themselves out of the ground after being buried alive. The second will focus on an elevator slicing a car in half, allowing those trapped inside to escape out the gaping hole in front. Obviously, none of this is going to be half assed. The guys are reportedly using more than three tons of steel to build an elevator for the latter test. Well played, Mythbusters. Way to take pride in your work.

The episode will air on Discovery tonight, December 15th, at 9 PM ET/PT.

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