Sex... With Mom, Dad, And Dr. Drew

ThinkMTV is bringing Dr. Drew Pinsky back to the studios at MTV to start production on a new show entitled Sex... with Mom and Dad. As fun and exciting as that sounds, it’s worse than you think. The show is a retooling of an unnamed European show, and will not only educate, but also embarrass and entertain. Ah, the three E’s of parenting – Educate, Embarrass, Entertain. Those of you without kids won’t have read the handbook, and you don’t realize those are the foundations of what we do.

The information we received states, “In each half-hour episode of Sex... With Mom and Dad, Loveline's relationship expert Dr. Drew will help a teen and their parents work through their problems discussing sex, dating and relationships. The series will spotlight a wide spectrum of issues from a promiscuous teen whose mom can't control his "manwhore" behavior; to a virgin heading off to college whose dad refuses to give her the sex talk she desperately wants; to a gay teen whose mom is troubled by his taste for bad boys. Whatever the issue, Dr. Drew will get the family talking - often for the very first time - about sex and intimate relationships. Dr. Drew will meet with the family to pinpoint the issue and assign two fun, yet daunting tasks tailored to the family's issues and help open up about sexual beliefs and experience. Shockingly frank, upbeat, and funny, "Sex...with Mom and Dad" proves that if families can talk about sex, they can talk about anything - ultimately breaking down barriers and improving relationships in the process.”

The show will cover every sexual topic you can think of – including the ones you probably don’t want to. My parents had the “talk” with me, and it was bad enough in the living room, let alone on national television. I wouldn’t be down with that, but there is always someone who wants their 5 minutes, right?

Sex with Mom and Dad will premiere at 7pm ET/PT on September 29th. Make sure you tune in with your parents, or kids – whichever applies to your circumstances. I’m sure my 5 year old and I will be watching…Scooby Doo, not Sex... with Mom and Dad

Like I said, educate, embarrass, and entertain…words to live by for every parent.