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Showtime aired the season finales of House of Lies, Shameless and Californication last night, and while I'm sure many of us are sad to see the series wrap up for the season, rest assured that all three of them have already been renewed for another season. That's a seventh season for Californication, a third for House of Lies and a fourth for Shameless. Showtime made sure to remind subscribers of Shameless' planned return with the above promo.

It's obviously too soon to tease us with actual footage of the fourth season, but the teaser does remind us that the Gallaghers will be back. And it's a good thing too. Shameless' third season wrapped up with a number of interesting cliffhangers, including Frank's health, which appears to be spiraling downward at an alarming rate. Meanwhile, Jimmy has taken off to parts unknown. He will presumably be back, but when? And will Fiona have moved on by the time he does? Speaking of leaving, Ian left to join the military, Lip's heading off to college and Jody and Karen have departed in search of a holistic cure for Karen's brain damage.

All we can do is speculate over what comes next. Since I have a hard time picturing the Gallaghers remaining as fractured as they are, I'm going to predict that Lip hates MIT and comes home (or is kicked out due to misbehavior) and Ian will leave the military (possibly due to injury or misbehavior). Jimmy comes home but Fiona will already be seeing someone else - possibly her seemingly perfect boss Mike (Jake McDorman) - and won't be happy to see Jimmy, at least not right away. I think Karen will come home with some progress made. Perhaps just enough for her to really react to the fact that Mandy tried to kill her. Because that needs to happen. And I think Veronica and Kevin are going to have a hard time taking over as parents once Carol has the baby. They seemed to get things straightened out after learning that Carol lied to them about being pregnant, but I have a feeling there's more messiness ahead with this situation. As for Sheila, it's hard to predict anything about that woman, but I loved how her arc left off in last night's finale, with her peddling sex toys like Tupperware in her living room.

Whether or not any or all of these predictions come true remains to be seen. We have until next year to wonder.