Shawn Ryan's Last Resort Pilot Has A Director But No Official Green Light From ABC Yet

For those of us who are hoping to hear good news about the Shawn Ryan’s potential pilot for ABC, while there’s no confirmation of a green light from the network, word is, the Shield creator is readying a staff for the project while they wait for the official word to move forward.

Back in August, Shawn Ryan, known for The Shield, The Chicago Code, as well as his work on Terriers and Angel, signed a pilot deal with ABC for a drama called Last Resort. While there is no official word yet on whether or not ABC will move forward with the Sony-produced pilot, Ryan, along with feature writer Karl Gajdusek, are reportedly staffing the pilot in anticipation of the network’s green light. According to Deadline, Casino Royale’s Martin Campbell has been brought on board to direct the pilot, and a line producer and a casting director have also been hired.

Last Resort, should it go to pilot, will be a thriller set sometime in the near future and follows the crew of a U.S. nuclear submarine who refuse to fire their missiles and ends up being hunted. They escape to a “NATO listening outpost” and declare themselves to be the world’s smallest nuclear nation. Beyond that, it sounds like the series, should it make it past the pilot stage, would focus on the establishment of the society of the fugitives who will have to coexist with the natives on the island.

Hopefully there’s good news on this project soon and beyond that, some casting news for the pilot. This sounds like it could be an exciting and interesting series. Deadline's title to their article says the drama is "on the verge" of receiving a pilot order, so that definitely sounds like things are looking good for the project.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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