Cougar Town fans will have their series back in less than two months. The series, which has moved over to TBS for its fourth season, will premiere in January. And at some point during the show's fourth season, Academy Award-winning actress Shirley Jones will be making an appearance and her character will be looking to spend a little time with Jules.

ABC's loss is TBS' gain! The network announced previously that they would be picking up Cougar Town for the show's fourth season, which is now set to premiere Tuesday, January 8 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on the cable channel. For those who've never seen an episode, the comedy, which isn't really about cougars (figuratively or literally), stars Courteney Cox and follows her character Jules and her wine-drinking pals. Hopefully, the series will manage to stick around at TBS.

TBS announced today that Shirley Jones was set to guest star on the show in its upcoming season, playing Anne, "an elderly woman who buys Grayson’s old house under the condition that Jules spends time with her." And from the sound of it, this includes offering plenty of advice to Jules, who may not be interested in hearing it. There's no word on whether this is just a one-episode guest spot or whether she'll stop in for a visit in later episodes.

It sounds like a fun part for Jones, who's made a number of TV appearances over the years, including Good Luck Charlie, Victorious and Raising Hope. But many of us will probably always know her best from her starring role in The Partridge Family and the part of Marian (Madame Libraaaa…rian!) from The Music Man.

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