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Showtime's serial killing series Dexter has been busy building up its cast during this off-season, probably because there are always more bodies needed to fill the body bags. The first season of the show was spectacular and hooked me instantly. After a second season struggle, it returned to form and has shone since and, in my opinion, largely because of their constant guest and recurring casting for characters opposite the brilliant Michael C. Hall.

Some of the notable guests so far were Jimmy Smits, Julia Stiles, Peter Weller, Johnny Lee Miller and John Lithgow. This season is upping the anti by bringing in Edward James Olmos, Colin Hanks and, as you can see in our first look, Mos Def. You can catch up on all the previous casting and their character descriptions in Kelly's preview from a couple weeks back but EW gives a few more details on the rapper-turned-actor's character. He plays,
Brother Sam, a reformed criminal who runs an auto-body shop. He crosses paths with our resident serial killer when one of his employees comes under investigation. Says executive producer Scott Buck, ''Dexter is unconvinced that Brother Sam is a man who found God and changed his violent ways.''

It seems like Dexter might have a new victim (or ally?). It's hard to tell much from this image but I will say that Dexter is clearly giving him the stink-eye and Def looks rather smart in his spectacles. As a huge fan of Mos Def, both his music and films, I'm pretty excited for Dexter's return. Well, even more than I already was.

Dexter returns for Season 6 on Showtime Fall 2011.