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Just when you thought that Comedy Central had successfully run memes as a marketing strategy into the ground advertising for the seventh season of Futurama, Showtime released their internet-inspired San Diego Comic-Con campaign. Whether they are making the trip to the convention or not, several of the networks' original series - including Episodes, Shameless, House of Lies andDexter - have been given four or five designs to be littered across the event in the form of buttons, stickers, bags, and more, so be prepared to get sick of seeing these slogans.

The various designs have already begun to surface on the internet in preparation for SDCC (not to mention to allow those not attending to have a look) and TVLine just unveiled the first look at Episodes, Shameless and House of Lies (and head over to check out the other designs not featured below).

Episodes, starring Marc LeBlanc as a version of himself, returned for its second season last week with new episodes airing on Showtime on Sundays at 10:30 p.m. ET. The central theme for this series' memes is to play with LeBlanc the character's not so humble personality.

Shameless is about the entire misfit Gallagher clan but the advertisements only focus on William H. Macy's failing patriarch and Emmy Rossum's Fiona, the oldest daughter charged with keeping the family afloat. It returns for a third season sometime in 2013.

House of Lies premiered on Showtime last year and despite it being, well, pretty terrible the great cast and early numbers allowed it to somehow find renewal. And since it will be returning for a second season sometime next year, Lies is smart to promote the underachiever by pushing the two main stars, Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell. Showtime plays with the former's sliminess and the latter's sexiness. Not a bad plan.

The Dexter memes debuted on EW's Inside TV and are probably the most satisfying of the bunch. It just seems like a show tailor made to use the format as well as the only Showtime series that really fits in at Comic-Con. Here's one example of a memed-up Michael C. Hall as the titular killer, for the rest head over to Inside TV. They also have a blank one if you feel like making your own. Dexter returns to Showtime on Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET starting September 30.

Apparently the non-Con attending Homeland will also get the treatment (yay, terrorist memes!) with no word on whether we'll see some for the other Showtime originals like Californication, Weeds or The Borgias. I'd like to see some Hank Moody inspired slogans, what about you?

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