The Simpsons Amusingly Sends Up Mad Men's Non Sequitur 'Next Week' Promos

I’m a die-hard Simpsons fan who shamelessly threw away my apologist hat long ago, and while the rise in episode quality over the last few years is arguable, there’s no denying Matt Groening’s crew has finally learned how to stay abreast of the zeitgeist. (Think the recent Letterman tribute and the constantly changing opening credits and guest-animated couch gags.) Fox’s Animation Domination decided to use the classic series to poke fun at AMC’s Mad Men for the snappy snippets that make up their episode-ending “Next Week on AMC’s Mad Men” teasers.

Well, I guess they’re like…five or six years late getting to this. But Season 7 is coming for Don Draper & Co., and it’s their final outing so a fun little homage is always just in time. (How did this apologist hat get back on my head?)

Via EW, the non-promo gives us the iconic backlit image, only this one is of Homer holding a lollipop. Then there’s the expected string of enticing context-free bits of dialogue, complete with character-specific actions, like Dr. Hibbert’s chuckle and Moe trying not to look appear a complete waste.

But the best part about it is the psychedelic image that Homer sits in front of, which begs to be sold as a poster. Meat, beer, donuts, Marge and more beer. That could either constitute a weekend or a lifetime and I’d be cool with it.


Let’s not forget that The Simpsons has already shown their love for Mad Men< back in 2008 as a title sequence for the segment “How to Get Ahead in Dead-Vertisting” in the episode “Treehouse of Horror XIX.” You can slowly fall along with it below.

This week’s episode of The Simpsons , “Days of Future Future,” is a sequel to Season 20’s enjoyable “Future Drama,” in which Professor Frink showed Bart and Lisa their futures. Amy Poehler returns as Bart’s future love Jenda, who is now dating a crab-like alien, while Bart tries to rid his memory of their relationship. Meanwhile, Lisa is married to a zombie Milhouse and Homer gets a new clone each time he dies. I’m down with each of these.

Mad Men returns to AMC this Sunday, April 13. My guess is, we’ll be talking about it a little bit around these parts. You can see a maddening teaser for it below.

Nick Venable
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