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The Simpsons Comic-Con 2012 Live Blog

Futurama fans shouldn't stray too far since Matt Groening's The Simpsons is on deck. Entering its, holy crap, 24th season, the panel will be moderated by David Mirkin (a former exec-producer) and includes the voice of Lisa, Yeardley Smith, as well as Groening, executive producer Al Jean and supervising producer Mike Anderson.

12:48 p.m. Mirkin takes the stage to intro the event. Anderson takes the stage and it's just the two of them for the next hour. Okay, he's kidding. Mirkin is doing a bit of schtick and brings out he's former co-worker at The Garry Shandling Show, Al Jean. When Groening comes out, he presents the Icon Award (he received it at the Futurama panel) to himself! Lastly, Smith comes out and is introduced as the 'heart and soul' of the show.

12:53 Smith took a helicopter to get here but couldn't even get passed the security of SDCC without her credentials. Even after saying she's Lisa Simpsons... 'no ma'am.'

12:54 The next Simpsons movie is coming out right at the end of the panel! The short film The Longest Daycare will be premiered (in 2D, see it in 3D before Ice Age 3) but first the first act of this year's Treehouse of Horror which nicely deals with the recent discovery of the Higgs Boson! Higgs Boson everybody!

1:02 The segment was actually really funny and beautifully animated. I haven't really been that into the show in some time but this was great!

1:03 Fan questions! The first is whether they would do a Broadway musical because the songs have been so great and important to the series. They have no plans for that but Groening does want to record Dan Castellaneta reading Homer's "The Illiad" and "The Odyssey."

1:05 The next question is whether they will ever make permanent changes to the show, like having the kids age or something. Groening says that Bart has been 10 for 24 years and in the next season he will have a birthday and turn... 10 again. So, no. They do bring up how Lisa became a Vegetarian and the fact that it stuck, thanks to Paul McCartney's insistence.

1:07 A young girl asks if Groening's initials are on Homer's head so he requests a easel to show us. And yes, the original way he drew Homer has an 'M' as his hair line and a 'G' for the ear. It looks pretty great and the girl gets to take it with her. Mirkin says how smart that Q was since she made some money!

1:10 Can Groening do any of the voices? After a horrible attempt at, uh, someone, he admits that he used to do the pacifier sounds when the series was still on The Tracy Ullman Show. They rest of the panel tries their hand a few and Smith's impression of Lisa is spot on!

1:13 Will there ever be a 'McBain' short? They throw it to the crowd to see if they'd rather see an 'Itchy and Scratchy' short or a 'McBain' short and the crowd cheers louder for 'McBain' so of course, the panel chooses 'Itchy and Scratchy.'

1:15 Groening is a huge fan of Adventure Time and the creator actually visited his house as a boy and whatever advice he gave must have worked. He then recommends going to the Adventure Time stuff at the Con. He's also a fan of The Regular Show, everything Fox does and Futurama.

1:16 Special surprise guest? Who was one of the best guest stars they've had? Do you like Star Wars? Carrie Fisher! Princess Leia is in the building holding a giant foam Duff can. Al Jean has to remind Mirkin that she was never on the show. 500 eps and no Leia. That's it folks! Time for the short!