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Here's What The Simpsons And Futurama Crossover Episode Will Look Like

Animation fans have spent much of the summer buzzing about the upcoming Simpsons and Family Guy mash-up, but it turns out there’s actually another crossover between two beloved franchises brewing: The Simpsons and Futurama. You can check out the first image from it below too…

As you can see in the above image, Homer Simpson is locked up in combat with Bender, who looks furious. The whole thing is pretty striking when you first glance at it, but thankfully, the photo, which dropped over on at Entertainment Weekly also came with a plot description that puts everything into context. In short, the fine residents of Springfield all banded together to put a Time Capsule into the Earth. Bart wound up blowing his nose into a sandwich, which mixed with a rabbit’s foot, which mixed with radioactive ooze which caused a disaster in the future. Bender is sent back in time to fix that disaster, and of course, Fry and Leela are also involved.

It sounds like a funny enough plot for a one-off episode, but of course, there’s special meaning behind doing it now. Futurama was officially cancelled for the second time this past year. So, this episode is a proper way for creator Matt Groening, who also created The Simpsons, to allow the characters to say goodbye. With a pretty big cross-over between fanbases, I highly doubt anyone at home will complain either. Futurama is wonderful, and the mix of humor should provide a ton of laughs.

The special cross-over episode will air on November 9th. It’s being hilariously billed as what happens when “a show out of ideas teams up with a show out of episodes.” If it can turn out a steady stream of jokes that are as funny as that quip, we will all be witnessing something very special.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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