In a move that is part genius marketing effort and part declaration that the series, truly and finally, has run out of ideas, The Simpsons are filming a story that was written and submitted by famous director, writer, and producer Judd Apatow way back in 1989. If that date sounds familiar, it’s because 1989 is the year the long-running Fox comedy series hit the airwaves. That’s a long time to keep a script on the shelf, but, luckily, Apatow seems to find the concept amusing.

On Tuesday, Apatow joined Serious Jibber-Jabber with Conan O’Brien, an online interview series hosted by the late night talk show host. Although, Apatow’s newest movie, This is 40, is hitting theaters next month, the writer seemed more amused about the fact The Simpsons is producing an episode he conceived over two decades ago, noting it is “the first thing” he ever really wrote.

Since it was written in 1989, the script likely needs a little revamping, but the theme of the script is pretty universal, and should fit well into the lives of the titular family in the 21st century. According to NME, in the episode, Homer undergoes hypnosis. Something goes awry as he goes under and the father figure begins to think he is a ten-year-old boy. He even believes Bart is his best bud rather than his son. The whole thing sounds about as ridiculous as any other Simpsons plot; however, we still could have a while to wait before the episode comes to life. It isn’t expected to be produced until sometime in 2013.

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