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Warning: this article contains loads of SPOILERS from episode 17 of Sleepy Hollow, titled “Delaware.” Look away now if you haven’t seen the episode yet.

Let’s all be honest. Season 3 of Sleepy Hollow has not been the tops. But, that doesn’t mean the show can’t still find ways to surprise us. And, it did just that tonight by calling back to something that happened in Season 2, which we all thought had long been dealt with. Unfortunately, the results of that call back were fatal for one character.

As the episode starts Abbie and Crane are gearing up for another fight with this season’s big bad, The Hidden One. That mofo is only eight hours away from gaining his full power, and everyone’s favorites Witnesses are about to pull out as many stops as possible to take the bastard down once and for all before he becomes even harder to spank. Jenny, Joe, Sophia, Daniel and Pandora head to THO’s favorite mountain to try harnessing the power from the ley lines around it. Sadly, that’s where the trouble really starts.

When THO realizes the team is outside trying to put a stop to his shenanigans, he blasts them with a storm that stops Pandora’s compass from finding the ley lines. Jenny has a map that can help them, but it’s back at the trailer, so our boy Joe volunteers to fetch it. After Joe gets his hands on the map and texts Sophia with the details, they begin to finish the task at hand, while Jenny makes a big mistake. She tries to take out THO, gets knocked down and listens as THO puts a curse on Joe, saying “the man you love is now and shall be forevermore a beast.” While Joe is trying to leave the trailer, he turns back into his Wendigo self from Season 2, and prepares to set his monstrous claws upon Papa Mills, who’s just arrived at Jenny’s place.


Jenny manages to race back to her place in time to save dear old dad and shoot Joe with a tracker. She and Papa Mills try to reverse the spell, but it’s too late. THO is too powerful for the curse to be lifted, and, as Joe prepares to go ripping through Papa Mills again, Jenny has no choice but to shoot her new boyfriend in the chest to stop him. Before long, the Wendigo is gone and Joe is dying in Jenny’s arms.

Dammit, Sleepy Hollow! For real? First August Corbin gets beheaded after about five minutes of screen time, and then you have his son re-monsterized and killed by his girlfriend? Way to show how shitty it is to be a Corbin. Honestly, I’ll miss Joe. He was brave, smart, and a good grounding source for the ever-tough, ever-tormented Jenny. Now that she’s been forced to kill her beloved, I can only wonder at how deeply this will affect her in the future. Obviously she’s going to be torn apart for a long time, but with the fight against THO still going on, will Jenny even be able to help Team Witness right now? Sure, she’ll be angry enough at the Big Bad to try pulling herself together for the final, final, showdown, but will her efforts be enough?

If Sleepy Hollow is granted another season, I can imagine that Jenny will not be around. I can see her leaving Team Witness behind for a while to clear her head and work out her anger by going back to her relic hunter days and traveling the dangerous corners of the world. She’ll eventually fight her way back to Sleepy Hollow, but what kind of shape will she be in when she gets there? Only time (and a renewal order) will tell.