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Sons Of Anarchy's Kurt Sutter Talks About The Unresolved Juice Story

One of the loose ends left to dangle in the wind on Sons of Anarchy last season is the matter of Juice. Theo Rossi’s character was up to no good during Season 4 of the series and while part of that was resolved through a conversation with Chibs, but Juice still has a couple of major secrets and from the sound of it, that will be addressed at some point in the series’ future.

I sort of hate this news, as Theo Rossi is one of my favorite cast members in Sons and therefore, Juice is one of my favorite Sons bikers. Poor Juice. This should have been a good season for him. He finally got his Men of Mayhem patch, after all. But bad things happened this season, not all of which were resolved. Just to recap real quick, Potter got into Juice’s head and threatened to tell SAMCRO that his father was African American, which Juice believed would result in being ousted from the club. Agreeing to help Potter only led to a much bigger mess, including killing Miles. It was sort of (eh... kind of... not really) self-defense, as Miles had just figured out that Juice was the one who stole the cocaine. At the very least, it was a quick decision on Juice's part and done in a panic. Regardless, Juice is not only guilty of going behind the club’s back to cooperate with Potter, but also killing one of their own. Whether it be guilt, fear or a little of both, Juice tried to hang himself later. The suicide attempt failed, but his efforts are a mark of how badly he effed up (and he knows it.)

Juice confessed the “big secret” about his father being black to Chibs, who responded by essentially brushing it off, making some comment about how many guys in the club don’t know who their fathers are and pointing out that what’s on paper is what counts. So, the whole thing could have been avoided, had Juice gone to Chibs from the start. Live and learn, right? There may be more to it than that. Juice killed a guy and so far, no living soul besides himself knows what really happened that night. One might assume he’s going to walk away from all of this and move on. From what TVLine is reporting, that body will resurface at some point in the series’ future.

Sons show runner Kurt Sutter told the site, “One of the things we try to do on the show is not let anything sort of happen in a vacuum. Ultimately, these secrets always do come back. The truth is, Juice did kill Miles and he did ultimately rat on the club. And even though it’s buried for now, there are people out there that are aware that he’s done it. So, yeah, I’m sure we will probably find the right story at some point to bring that back in play.”

?Is there any possible way this information will get out without it ending badly for Juice? It’s hard to think of a scenario that doesn’t lead to death or, at the very least, something extremely painful for him. From the sound of it, nothing is officially planned for his fate, but that unfinished bit of club-history is likely to be tied into something in the future. It sounds like Juice’s days are numbered.

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