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With the death of Nicolette Sheridan’s character Edie, Wisteria Lane is short one blonde bombshell to stir things up. Rumor has it, Edie’s semi-replacement (can anyone really replace Edie?) has been cast and will appear next season on Desperate Housewives. Who is it? I’ll give you a hint, “Chris-ta-fa!” Fans of the Sopranos will appreciate the news that Drea de Matteo, is joining the cast of DH next season.

Entertainment Weekly’s Ausiello posted the news, stating that Drea will be playing the newest “vixenish housewife” as a regular character on the series. She’s set to play the wife of a yet-to-be-cast landscape designer and mother of a tightly wound son. An Italian family on Wisteria Lane? Love it!

I have to say, with the void that Sheridan’s character Edie has left on the block, bringing Drea de Matteo into the series is a brilliant casting choice on ABC’s part. I can’t wait to see what they do with her character and how the other housewives on Wisteria Lane react to her.

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