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South Park Tackles Ass Burgers When Season 15 Resumes

If you’re anxiously awaiting the return of Comedy Central’s South Park, we have a snippet of the upcoming season premiere/return, which is titled “Ass Burgers.”

South Park returns for the second half if its fifteenth season this Wednesday night (October 5th) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT. Proving that nothing is off limits on this series, once again, it appears South Park will present a sensitive subject in a way that some will find funny, while others may find offensive. Whether or not viewers find it funny likely depends on their ability to laugh at inappropriate humor. Given the series' continued success, I suspect there are a lot of us out there who fit that description.

When the series resumes, Cartman may be battling Ass Burgers syndrome, which he may be confusing with Asperger’s Syndrome. Is Asperger's (or any type of autism) a laughing matter? For those who deal with it, no, probably not, but when has that stopped South Park from poking fun at something? Glee seems to have beat South Park to the punch on this one, with their recently added character who has "self-diagnosed Asperger's," which she uses as an excuse to be rude to people.

Ass Burgers

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Cartman has a hamburger in his buns? I’m pretty sure that’s not a symptom of Aspergers, but “Ass Burgers” on the other hand... that makes sense.

If you’re a fan of Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s work, check out our preview for the upcoming documentary 6 Days to Air: The Making of South Park, which airs on Comedy Central next Sunday. And tune into MTVu (or tomorrow at noon (EST) to see Parker and Stone’s episode of Stand-In.

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