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The Best Paramount+ Original TV Shows So Far

Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: Picard
(Image credit: Paramount+)

When it comes to streaming services, there are so many options, from the best shows on Netflix to originals on Amazon Prime, but I think today we should take a look at Paramount+. The platform has several hundreds of shows to watch, but with the CBS shows and licensed content, there are plenty of awesome originals too, like Evil or The Good Fight.

While there are plenty of new shows coming to the platform soon, including the new Halo series, and some arriving as a part of the 2022 TV schedule, there are so many to watch now. For all of those who are wondering what to binge, here are the best Paramount+ TV shows right now. 

Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: Picard

(Image credit: Paramount+)

Star Trek: Picard

The amount of Star Trek content that Paramount+ has is almost astounding, and they have a few Star Trek originals. My favorite so far is Star Trek: Picard. In this popular installment of the Star Trek franchise, we follow the story of Jean-Luc Picard, now retired, living a quiet life. However, when a young woman named Dahj comes to him, in need of help, he begins to realize she might be a key to troubling aspects of past.

I love this series starring Patrick Stewart. As a Star Trek fan, I think it’s the perfect series that sort of pays homage to the whole Trek saga, while also adding on a great new story, as well. I don’t think it’s completely necessary to know all of Star Trek story going into this – just because the show is so much fun – but watching some Star Trek: The Next Generation wouldn’t hurt.

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James and Margaret Dutton outside on 1883

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If you’re a fan of Yellowstone and want to know more about the Dutton family from the original series, then 1883 is for you. This popular original on Paramount Plus follows the Dutton family, 125 years before the events of Yellowstone, as they set off across an adventure through the Great Plains and build the legacy that you all know and love now. 

1883 has been a huge hit for Paramount Plus, bringing in plenty of fans who love the original story of the Dutton family and want to know more. Since the first season just came to an end in 2022, fans are hoping that a Season 2 is around the corner - that is, if Taylor Sheridan can stop being cryptic about it. Full of incredible stories and all of that pure Western goodness, 1883 is a fun time. 

Stream 1883 on Paramount+. (opens in new tab)

Jordan Peele in The Twilight Zone.

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The Twilight Zone

In this fourth installment of the Twilight Zone franchise (yes, you read that right, fourth), we get to see a different kind of world, imagined by Jordan Peele, an Academy-Award-winning filmmaker. In The Twilight Zone, we get to see stories of all kinds in this anthology series, explaining peculiar events that could only happen in a realm we call “the twilight zone.”

The series is iconic for a reason, and its great use of combining different genres, from sci-fi to horror, with every episode featuring a bit of mystery and intrigue, is a big factor. Several stars also appeared on this reboot, from Academy-Award nominated Steven Yeun to Jacob Tremblay, and so many more. There are only two seasons, but so many tales to discover.

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One of the women featured in Why Women Kill.

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Why Women Kill

If you ever wanted to see why some women want to kill their crappy husbands, look no further than Why Women Kill. In this dark dramedy, we get to see several broken romances that lead to many surprising events, and the women who are trying to take back control of their lives.

Let me just say that while the premise seems super simple, the stories that are told really make you almost want to root for these women to kill these people. It will ensnare you so quickly that you’ll be wanting to plan their murders, too. Why Women Kill itself is a lot of fun to watch, and if you’re into dark comedy, Why Women Kill has plenty of it.

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Two of the stars of Tell Me A Story.

(Image credit: Paramount Plus)

Tell Me A Story

Think about some of your favorite fairy tales from when you were a kid - I’m talking Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Hansel and Gretel and more. Now, imagine those twisted into dark tales, turning more into psychological thrillers and not having any happily ever afters. That’s what Tell Me A Story was about. 

This Paramount Plus show - which, unfortunately, only had two seasons - was a great example of what a twist in a fairytale can do. From it’s incredible retelling of Little Red Riding Hood to Sleeping Beauty, this series was one of the most original out there if you’re not only into fantasy, but thrillers as well. It’s a shame it was canceled only after two seasons, but at least now you can binge through it in all its glory. 

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Miranda Cosgrove in iCarly.

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You know, I never knew I needed to see Carly as an adult in her twenties until I started watching this show on Paramount+. In this sequel series, iCarly, we get to see Carly Shay once again, alongside her now rich brother, Spencer, and one of her best friends, Freddie, while they navigate adult life, and the ever-growing social media scene.

When I first heard about this series, I was a bit skeptical, only because I grew up watching the original iCarly and didn’t know what they were going to do to my childhood. However, I have to admit that this show is actually really good. The humor grew up with the fans, creating a great sense of nostalgia, but at the same time being adult enough where it doesn’t feel like I’m watching a kid’s show. Plus, it’s always great to see TV characters that we looked up to have their own problems, too.

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The main stars of Evil.

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If you want a drama, mixed in with some supernatural fun, look no further than Evil. Ever wonder what would happen if a skeptic about the supernatural and a priest in training team up to look into strange happenings that involve ghosts, demons, and more? Evil is all about that, and how no matter what, evil finds its way into everyone in some way, shape, or form.

The premise itself sounds super interesting. I mean, a skeptic regarding supernatural cases and a priest-in-training who believes in ghosts and demons and all of that, working together? I feel like that’s always a recipe for success. But, trust me when I say you won’t expect some of the amazing twists and turns that this show has to offer. No matter how you feel in real life about the supernatural, you’ll enjoy this show. The Evil cast is also astonishingly talented as well and pulls off this series amazingly.

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The team featured in Texas 6.

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Texas 6

If you want something a little different from dramas or comedies, check out Texas 6. This docuseries shows just how far teamwork and determination can go within a small little town, and how a team of six football players work together over the course of two years to win another state championship.

I’ve always been a big fan of sports in general, so whenever I can get a docuseries on an amazing sports team I didn’t know about before, I’m always down. And honestly, this is one of the better ones out there. I was in awe of the sheer determination of these six young men, and their inspiring lead coach. It almost reminded me of Cheer on Netflix in a way, where this group of champions are continuing to show just how great they are through hard work. Definilty a great pick for sports fans out there. 

Stream Texas 6 on Paramount+. (opens in new tab)

Christine Baranski in The Good Fight.

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The Good Fight

Ah, political dramas. You can’t quite outrun them these days with how often things such as The Comey Rule appear on TV, but The Good Fight is one of those where you want to stay for the whole ride. The series, credited as a sequel to The Good Wife, follows the story of Diane Lockhart, played by Christine Baranski, who was a prestigious partner at a law firm. But soon, she ends up losing all her money - as well as her employment - when a scandal occurs thanks to her mentee/goddaughter, forcing them to rethink their lives moving forward. This leads them to join one of the biggest law firms in Chicago.

I will say that for a series like this, you have to be into politics/legalities of the world, because there’s a lot of jargon and story around that. But, if you enjoyed The Good Wife when it originally aired, I have a feeling this will be your next best series to watch. With five seasons, The Good Fight offers an enriching story, brilliant acting, and plenty of drama for anyone to enjoy.

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James Marsden in The Stand.

(Image credit: CBS All Acess)

The Stand

Stephen King is one of those names that you just know. He’s created brilliant stories like It, The Shining, and so many others. Even if there are plenty of upcoming Stephen King adaptations,  one of his most recent was The Stand, published by the author in 1978. When a lethal strain of influenza is accidentally released to the public, this causes a huge epidemic, resulting in mass death, the fall of the government, and overall tragedy. After almost all of the world is wiped out, the remaining population is drawn to either a figure of lightness or a figure of the darkness.

To me, this is one of the best miniseries out there that you can watch if post-apocalypse stories are your thing. Stephen King’s storytelling is fantastic (including a great new ending exclusive to the miniseries)with a classic good vs. evil confrontation driving The Stand. Plus, with the events of 2020, some of us might actually feel a little more connected to this story than normally. Besides the plot, the cast is fantastic, with stars like Whoopi Goldberg, Nat Wolff, Odessa Young, and many others shining.

Stream The Stand on Paramount+. (opens in new tab)

One of the subjects of That Animal Rescue Show.

(Image credit: Paramount Plus)

That Animal Rescue Show

As the last on this list, That Animal Rescue Show is the wholesomeness you need in your life. This documentary series follows the life of the animal rescue community in Austin Texas, showing the day-to-day lives of people who save animals, the struggles that come with it, and everything else in-between.

I’m going to be honest – I’m an animal lover so I’m a little bit biased when saying this show is freaking awesome, but trust me when I say you won’t regret watching it. The story of how they save these animals is so heartwarming and inspiring, and seeing these normal people care so deeply for the creatures that we share the planet with will bring a smile to anyone’s face. You also get to learn some really cool facts about some of the animals, which makes it a great educational program, too.

Stream That Animal Rescue Show on Paramount+. (opens in new tab)

With how much content has become available, I wouldn’t be surprised if this list was updated not too long from now with even more amazing originals for people with a Paramount+ subscription. Even so, at least now you have an idea of what the streaming platform has to offer – it’s up to you to pick which show to watch first.

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