Last Spring, Syfy had a list of development projects in the works or planned, a number of which fell into actual science fiction territory. Clandestine - a new project in development for the cable network - also sounds like it meets the basic qualifications to be categorized as sci-fi, though you might not guess as much from the title.

Deadline describes Clandestine as "a swash-buckling space drama/adventure and revolves around mercenaries who masquerade as part of an Intergalactic fleet." (How… clandestine.) Syfy has put the drama in development, to be produced by Universal Cable Prods, and written by actor/writer Todd Stashwick (Jusified, Burn Notice) and artist Dennis Calero. Hell on Wheels' John Shiban is on board to supervise the script and executive produce.

As the project is described, it sounds like Syfy's looking for a good space adventure, and the network, which has branched out with regards to its genre focus, could certainly use a space-set series or two. While the network's list of projects in development released last spring did have a number of science fiction projects, the closest any of them came to space was Defiance, the earth-set drama (and video game) headed to Syfy next year, which has humans and aliens co-existing after a universal war. Clandestine sounds like it falls more along the lines of Battlestar Galactica or Firefly in terms of its backdrop, though it's probably much too soon to draw any real comparisons there. Still, it should be interesting to see what develops from this project, and if it manages to make it to series.

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