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The loss of Andy Whitfield was devastating, to say the least. The star of Starz' Spartacus: Blood and Sand had only just begun to show us his potential as an actor through his fantastic performance in the lead role of the gladiator-focused drama series' first season when he lost his battle to cancer in 2011.

Per Deadline, a documentary is in the works to chronicle Whitfield's struggle with cancer. Led by Lilibet Foster, the film follows Whitfield and his family over the course of the year while he dealt with his diagnosis and underwent treatment for Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. As you'll see in the trailer below, which is introduced by Jai Courtney (who played Varro in Blood and Sand), and clocks in at more than six minutes, the film includes some very emotional scenes involving Whitfield and his wife as they deal with his situation, and there are also some scenes from Spartacus behind-the-scenes looks at his time training for the physically grueling role.

Apparently, funding has become an issue for the film and they're looking to Whitfield's fans to help out in getting the film funded and finished. From what the Be Here Now KickStarter page says, "This project will only be funded if at least $200,000 is pledged by Monday, July 23." Those who pledge money may be eligible for incentives as a thanks. An email from the director, a digital download, and a Be Here Now leather cuff are among some of the gifts for the smaller donations, and some Spartacus-themed paraphernalia, including a limited edition Spartacus poster among the incentives for the larger donations. The specific reward and donation list is laid out on the site's main page.

But the bigger reward for contributing would likely be that the movie gets made, should the site raise enough money, especially as it seems like Whitfield wanted his experience documented and seen. In addition to giving his fans further insight into what he and his family went through during that year, it may prove to be inspirational to other people struggling with cancer and their families.

"Be here now is all about being present," Whitfield said. "And not fearing what you don't know."

Be Here Now.

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