Star Trek: TNG Ep Measure Of A Man May Get Extended Cut On Blu-Ray

If you're a Trek fan, you've likely been eagerly awaiting the release of Star Trek: The Next Generation's first season on Blu-ray next month. Okay, maybe "eagerly awaiting" is too strong a wording, since the first season is frequently terrible. But at the very least all the episodes have been restored and spiffed up and given shiny new special effects, so that's awesome. Even better, the release of the first season means you're that much closer to Blu-ray releases of the later -- and better -- seasons. Now a tweet from a Next Gen writer has suggested that the season 2 set may contain something very cool: an extended cut of the episode entitled "Measure of a Man."

If the title isn't ringing any bells, that's the one where a snooty Starfleet scientist wants to disassemble Data to study him, and when Data refuses Mr. Science Guy claims that Data is the property of Starfleet, and therefore cannot refuse. A tribunal is set up to decide the issue, with Picard attempting to prove Data's sentience and Riker forced into representing the prosecution. It's a great episode that does what all the best Trek episodes do: uses the trappings of science fiction to examine the big questions like what it means to be alive.

"Measure of a Man" was written by Melissa Snodgrass, an attorney who used her experience in the court room to lend veracity to the story. (And if you want a reason to hate her, "Measure of a Man" was a spec script...Snodgrass' first produced script was on friggin Star Trek: The Next Generation.) The episode supposedly had a lot of footage cut from the broadcast version, and a tweet last week from Snodgrass suggests that we may finally get to see the lost scenes on Blu-ray:

Now, this is not an official confirmation, just a hint that the extended footage may be included. The fact that it's being looked at is definitely promising, but until CBS/Paramount actually announces it, this will just have to remain something worth crossing your fingers. If an extended cut of "Measure of a Man" does make it onto Blu-ray, could that open the door to extended versions of other episodes on future sets? Stay tuned.