Stargate: Atlantis' Joe Flanigan Joins The Secret Lives Of Wives Pilot

It didn’t take long for Lifetime’s The Secret Lives of Wives pilot to cast its four female leads in Kim Raver, Salli Richardson, Amber Clayton, and Lauren Bittner, which is why it has been less of a surprise when it hasn't taken too long to cast the husbands, either. The most recent catch added to The Secret Lives of Wives pilot is Stargate: Atlantis’ Joe Flanigan.

On Atlantis, Flanigan played Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard, an easygoing and capable commander who often presented a little beard scruff onscreen. The beard scruff seems to be the only thing Flanigan’s Secret Lives of Wives character will have in common with his well-known former role. In the pilot, Flanigan will play Jared, the husband of Salli Richardson’s character, Reed. According to Deadline, Jared will be an unrelentingly negative husband who has basically checked out of his marriage. I can’t even really imagine Flanigan in a role that isn’t flirty or upbeat, but luckily the people that watch Lifetime’s programming are probably not the same people that watched Atlantis, so most audiences shouldn’t have my problem.

Last week, actor David Conrad was added to the cast as Michelle’s (Raver) husband, Wil (one ‘l’ intended). Callum Blue and Derek Smith have also been cast as husbands in The Secret Lives of Wives. With the addition of Flanigan, the couples in the pilot are all set up, and Lifetime should be ready to get the show (well, the pilot) on the road.

TV Blend will keep you posted if The Secret Lives of Wives gets a series pick-up.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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