Jason Momoa Just Snuck A Stargate: Atlantis Reunion Photo In At The See Premiere

Jason Momoa and Stargate: Atlantis Cast in promo art final season.
(Image credit: SyFy)

The big news regarding Jason Momoa this weekend has been all the hype around the final season premiere of his Apple TV+ series See. It was exactly at that premiere that eagle-eyed fans of Momoa from early on in his career may have spotted a reunion from another of the actor’s popular shows. That would be none other than Stargate: Atlantis, as a couple of the actor’s longtime co-stars popped up for a pic at the Season 3 premiere.

You’d be forgiven for not noticing the big Stargate: Atlantis reunion as it was buried in a photodump of other photos from the See premiere. Both Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett made multi-episode appearances in See, so their appearance at the event makes total sense, but it's still nice to see the three reunited and looking so good so many years later. 

It’s also, in my opinion, worth noting that Joe Flanigan looks nearly unrecognizable with grey hair and facial hair. Don’t get me wrong, he’s aging like fine wine, but scrolling through it took me a second to get to any sort of aha moment. In fact, I don't even thinking I would have made the connection when he appeared as "The Military" if Flanigan's appearance on See hadn't been announced in advance.

Screenshot Of Jason Momoa See premiere.

(Image credit: Jason Momoa, Instagram)

David Hewlett also nodded at the reunion in a comment on his own Instagram post, noting: 

We’re still quite the motley crew, no? And that’s my classy kid [Joe Flanigan] over left shoulder! Such a treat getting to strut about with these gents again. Thank you again [Jason Momoa], you’re a star with the soul of a poet & a giant beating heart of gold, my friend!

It’s been well over a decade since Stargate: Atlantis wrapped its run on cable and it’s been nearly two decades since the show got the greenlight and embarked on the journey to winning over Stargate SG-1 fans. In the time since, Jason Momoa has shot to superstardom thanks to his "gate"-way role (sorry) in Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo and subsequent work as Aquaman in the DCEU, among other gigs. Momoa may have taken on plenty of badass roles at this point, but he’s still interested in creating for the television format and fans of the actor have reaped the benefits of that.

He's also clearly still interested in working with some pals from his past, and I wouldn't be too surprised if a Stargate: Atlantis reunion of this ilk happens again sometime in the future. At least a girl could hope. 

Unfortunately, See is heading into its third and final premiere, but not before it has made a mark as one of the first shows to really jumpstart those Apple TV+ subscriptions. The Apple TV+ series may be ending, but from the images, it certainly seems like it will be going out with a bang. 

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