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The WWE has never been a stranger to cross-promotions and oddball pairings – let’s never forget appearances made by Pee-Wee Herman, Mike Tyson and Burt Reynolds – and they’ve got a potential doozy coming up now that Arrow star Stephen Amell has officially confirmed he is heading to WWE Raw to address his ongoing feud with Cory “Stardust” Rhodes on Monday, August 10. And while we shouldn’t expect to see the two get in a knock-down brawl just yet, this may set it up.

Amell recently released a video where he teased that he might make his way to Raw once it hit the Pacific coast, where he’s currently filming Season 4 of Arrow, and then solidified that on Monday evening with this action figure tweet.

Nothing would make me happier than seeing Amell show up in full Green Arrow garb, pulling out a “Shut the Fuck Up” arrow to shoot into Stardust’s face. Chances are, though, we’re just going to get either some ringside commentary from Amell or perhaps a face-to-face yelling match inside the ring. It could indeed end with some scrapping, but I’m guessing/hoping that this is where the gauntlet is thrown down and a SummerSlam match is set in stone. The PPV event is four hours this year, so they’ve got to fill that time somehow. And if they want to bring in The Flash’s Grant Gustin as an on-the-ropes manager, I’m all for that, too.

Though it seemed like the Amell/Stardust antagonism had gone away following the death of Dusty Rhodes, Cory’s father, wrestling fans have yet to see this strangeness end. The latest shot fired from Stardust’s side came during WWE SmackDown last week, when the wrestler taunted his opponent with the Arrow quote, “You have failed this city!” Amell took notice, and called Stardust out for stealing his line. Which brings us to now.

One of my favorite wrestling stunts of all time came in 1990 with the heavily promoted PPV event Capital Combat: The Return of RoboCop, in which the WCW inexplicably paired RoboCop with Sting, my favorite wrestler during that time. Was it dumb as balls and completely incoherent? Absolutely, but I was 7 years old at the time. Now, 25 years later, I’m gearing up to watch another face-painted weirdo possibly get into the ring with a pop culture hero, albeit one that isn’t made of metal. Life is grand.

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