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Last week on The Strain, the board was set for one seemingly final assault on The Master and his army of bloodsuckers. With their base camp destroyed and everyone taking some sort of vengeful stance against the vampires that have ravaged the city, it's time to take the fight to the doorstep of the enemy. Thankfully, “The Master” does not disappoint, capping off a first season to remember.

”Fire in the hole, vermin!”

Act III of The Strain Season 1 pulled out all of the stops with the huge fight at Bolivar's Vestry Hall. While our heroes ultimately remained unsuccessful in their quest to destroy The Master and his kind, it certainly wasn't for lack of effort. Apparently, Sardu is strong enough that he can take quite a hit of sunlight before actually getting knocked down. (Plus, that huge flowing robe probably helps too.) Of course, this happens after our heroes take out a decent number of vamps in their wake, with the kind of action that could only come from a season finale.

Some harsh truths were in store for our heroes, especially young Zack Goodweather. His search for his mother came to an end tonight, as she found her son and ex-husband, showing them her newly progressed form. It wasn't all bad for the male Goodweathers, as they got some quality hunting time together, along with the rest of the group. Have to say, I was surprised to see Dutch survive the big dance this season, as she's a new character, and exactly who you'd think to kill off in order to raise the overall stakes.

”Wonderful new medicine... soon to be all the rage.”

However, the good guys aren't the only ones that have to regroup after this week, as Eldritch Palmer's lack of immortality has somehow made him double down on his cooperation with The Master. Of course, he's now strong enough that he can throw people off of balconies, so fingers crossed we get to see a new fight scene between Palmer and our gang of heroes. With Palmer's desperation to gain immortality growing, he's starting to get his hands dirtier than he ever did in the books.

Of course, Gus and his newly found friends the Ancients are going to help even out the fight ahead with their SWAT-like precision. With Gus being recruited as the resident daywalker for the Ancients' hunting activity against The Master, the fight for humanity has become a two-front attack. Whether it will be enough to keep evil at bay is something that Season 2 will have to answer; but judging by the limited evidence at hand, it looks like this will be more than a successful partnership.

”Think of this as another test, for your everlasting devotion.”

Season 1 of The Strain has had its fair share of ups and downs, with viewers tuning in and dropping off accordingly. With the first part of the trilogy out of the way, it's time to get to the more interesting and intense elements of the story. The series has not only effectively built the world that Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan breathed life into through three years and as many books, but it also expanded the potential for those stories by enriching existing material with fresh blood.

While certain materials from The Fall have been shifted into Season 1's framework, it looks like those changes were made to make Season 2 more lean and mean. Certain elements (like Nora's mother or Setrakian's backstory) were best handled in the first act , leaving the future able to take on some pretty heavy subplots with the same detail and innovation that Season 1 brought to the table. Yet, for everything that changed, there was one moment I was hoping would come off as powerful as it did in the book. My wish came true when Eph fell off the wagon tonight, as that symbolizes the end of the era of playing nice. From here on out, things are going to get a little riskier.

I know I can't wait for The Strain's second season, which should be up and running next summer, and here's hoping you guys feel the same way. Thank you to our loyal readers for coming back every week, and we'll see you back here next season for more vampire killing goodness!

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