Resident Evil: What To Watch If You Liked The Netflix Zombie Series

Tamara Smart on Resident Evil
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Resident Evil is one of those horror franchises that I have been following for a very long time, and now that a new series popped up as a Netflix TV show as part of the 2022 TV schedule, I binged all eight episodes within a day. While it’s very different from the video games that I grew up with, I will agree that there are plenty of elements to the show that fans can find in other TV shows as well. 

If you’re like me and got through those eight episodes very quickly - or are just looking for something else with plenty of guts and zombies and monsters - check out some of these great picks. 

Rick Grimes standing outside in Alexandria on The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead (Netflix)

When it comes to zombies, this is the ultimate show to watch. The hit AMC series, The Walking Dead, has been airing for eleven seasons, primarily following a group of survivors in a world that is covered with zombie-like creatures called “walkers,” and their endless mission to try and survive. 

The Walking Dead has truly become a staple of television, and if you liked Resident Evil for all of those monsters, this is the go-to show to see. From some of its best villains to its most heartbreaking deaths, to the characters we have come to love or the ones that have truly become some of the best ones on television, The Walking Dead has it all. It’s one of those shows that as soon as you turn it on, you won’t be able to stop watching. 

Stream The Walking Dead on Netflix.

The cast of Yellowjackets during the seance.

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Yellowjackets (Showtime)

Next up, we have the impeccable Showtime series, Yellowjackets. This show, taking place between two duel timelines, in 1996 and the present day, follows a girl’s soccer team when they get stranded in the Rocky Mountains - and now, where their secrets of the past could be exposed. 

Let me tell you - from the moment I began watching this show, I was hooked. Like, the definition of hooked. For fans of Resident Evil, you’ll love the survival aspect, but this show is so much more psychological and has twists and turns that will truly make you sit on the edge of your seat. I know I was. And let’s not even get started on the incredible Yellowjackets cast. Truly, such talent.

Stream Yellowjackets on Showtime.

Two of the characters in All Of Us Are Dead.

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All Of Us Are Dead (Netflix)

I could go on for hours about this new Netflix South Korean horror show. All Of Us Are Dead is a TV series that follows a group of students who are trapped within the walls of a high school as a zombie outbreak begins. Now, it’s up to them to find a way to get help. 

When I first began watching All Of Us Are Dead, I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I did, but I can fully say that this show is one of the best horror TV shows of the last decade, and one of the best zombie TV shows that have come out in a long time - up there with The Walking Dead. The young cast is great, the storyline incredible, and already, a Season 2 is on the way. For fans of those zombies in Resident Evil, you’ll love the ones here. 

Stream All Of Us Are Dead on Netflix.

Clarke and Lexa in The 100.

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The 100 (Netflix)

I feel like this is one not a lot of people know about, but I need to talk about. The 100 is a fantastic CW show that follows a group of delinquents - known as ‘the 100’ - who are sent down from space back to earth, hundreds of years after a nuclear apocalypse, to see if it is habitable again. 

For fans of Resident Evil, what really makes this show better than some of the others on here is the dystopian aspect. I love the dystopian world in this show, and it truly has some of the most well-crafted storylines and interesting characters that I have seen the CW do in a long time. The 100 cast is also incredibly talented as well, and some of the action scene are badass. Seriously - Octavia is my queen. Or, rather, Blodreina.

Stream The 100 on Netflix.

One of the main characters of The Strain.

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The Strain (Hulu) 

Next up, we have the FX show, The Strain. In this supernatural series, a doctor and his team are called in to examine a strange outbreak of a curious virus - a virus that apparently turns people into vampires, dating back ages and opening up more mysteries at each turn. 

The monsters in The Strain are truly terrifying, which is what I really like for fans of Resident Evil. They’re scary, well-crafted, and something that will haunt your nightmares. But I think what I like the most about The Strain is that while it is a scary show at its core, there is so much drama and so much story to it. I mean, it was co-created by a master of horror himself, Guillermo del Toro, so I would expect nothing less. 

Stream The Strain on Hulu.

supernatural jensen ackles jared padalecki the cw

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Supernatural (Netflix)

Now this is my show. Supernatural is an incredible fantasy series that follows the Winchester brothers, Dean and Sam, who end up following in their father’s footsteps of hunting down anything that’s spooky and scary, from demons and ghosts, to vampires and monsters, to anything else you can think of - all while looking good doing it. 

This show ran for fifteen seasons. Fifteen seasons, and it became the longest-running fantasy TV series in America. It was hugely popular, featuring a talented Supernatural cast and monsters that could sometimes rival the terrifying ones of Resident Evil. But what you’ll really like about Supernatural is the comedy and the wit between these two brothers. I swear, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have some of the best on-screen chemistry I’ve seen in years. 

Stream Supernatural on Netflix.

One of the main characters of Z-Nation.

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Z-Nation (Netflix)

If you want a good drama mixed in with some comedy, check out Z Nation. In this show, taking place many years after the initial zombie outbreak, a group of survivors is tasked with getting a man all the way across America - a man who just might end up being the cure for the whole damn thing. 

Z Nation has some great zombies and horror action, which is perfect for fans of Resident Evil, but what I like the most about it is that it’s a lot funnier than some of the other picks on this list - I’d say up there with Supernatural. It’s witty, fun, and enjoyable, and with four seasons to watch, you’ll enjoy it from beginning to end. It almost reminds me of a funnier version of The Last Of Us - which is conveniently getting its own TV show soon. 

Stream Z-Nation on Netflix.

One of the main characters in Helix.

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Helix (Hulu)

In this series, Helix follows scientists who work for the CDC and travel down to the Arctic in order to investigate a sudden outbreak that has turned viral, but as they’re down there, they find out that this could be a hell of a lot more deadly than any of them ever thought - and it’s up to them to figure out how to stop it. 

Like Resident Evil, this show does have some pretty creepy zombies, but I think what fans will like more is that Helix leans a little closer into how corporations can impact a zombie outbreak, which is a pretty big theme of Resident Evil. And with two seasons to watch, it’s a great story from start to finish. 

Stream Helix on Hulu.

geralt henry cavill the witcher season 1 netflix

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The Witcher (Netflix)

Next up on this list, we have The Witcher, a popular Netflix original series that follows Geralt of Rivia, a witcher who can slay humans as well as he can monsters - and is soon tasked with taking care of a little girl named Ciri, running into witches, warlocks, and everything in between. 

While The Witcher is way more fantasy than horror, some of the monsters in this are freaking terrifying, which is perfect for fans of Resident Evil. However, I do enjoy the drama, as well as the costumes and scenery, and I love The Witcher cast, as well. It’s one of Netflix’s most popular shows, so you know they’re doing something right with it. It’s a fun one, for sure. 

Stream The Witcher on Netflix.

Two of the main characters in iZombie.

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iZombie (Netflix)

Last but not least, we have iZombie. In this fun dramedy, we follow a doctor who ends up turning into a zombie - but not a complete one - almost a half human/half zombie. However, she ends up using this to her advantage by taking a job at the morgue and eating the brains of the dead bodies - and in turn inherits some of their personality/memories for a little bit, which helps solve murder cases. 

As always, there are plenty of zombie hijinks in this show for fans of Resident Evil, but man I love the comedy. This show is so funny and it’s not even a contest between this and some of the other horror dramedies on here. iZombie takes the zombie genre in a whole different direction and will really make you laugh your ass off. 

Stream iZombie on Netflix.

Zombies, guts, monsters, oh my! All of these picks would be the absolute best options for you to enjoy, and no matter what, you are going to get a hell of a ride out of any one you pick. Now, if you don’t mind me, I’m going to go and re-watch The Walking Dead for the umpteenth time before those final episodes come out. 

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