The Strain Season 4 Gag Reel Puts A Hilarious Twist On The Final Season

The Strain finished its fourth and final season earlier this year, and fans finally got to see the end of the story that was building and escalating for a long time. Fortunately for those fans, the Strain entertainment isn't entirely done yet just because the series finale has aired on FX. The fourth season (along with the entire series) will be available on DVD starting December 12, and it will be packed with all kinds of killer special features. Check out the first look at the gag reel for The Strain Season 4, which manages to put a hilarious twist on the final batch of episodes that weren't exactly chock full of laughs:

The final season of The Strain was intense and intriguing as it tied off loose ends and brought big plots to conclusions, and there wasn't always a ton of time for humor. Luckily, the gag reel reveals that there were still plenty of laughs behind the scenes for the cast and crew.

There's nothing like dropping a prop weapon in the middle of a fight sequence to bring on a case of the giggles, especially when the weapon that looks fierce on the show bounces off a wall in rubbery glory. It's definitely always fun to see somebody in vampire makeup just completely breaking character and cracking up, and what better way to add some fun to filming than by snoring in the middle of a take?

Obviously The Strain got pretty heavy in certain parts of Season 4, so the silly twist on the season thanks to this gag reel clip is definitely refreshing. The gag reel won't be the only special feature on the DVD set either. In addition to the bloopers, you can find deleted scenes, featurettes covering everything from Dutch and Setrakian to the baby factory to the grand finale. A "Coping with This Strain" therapy session special feature will be included as well. If you loved The Strain, the box set should be for you.

All things considered, there's plenty to discover and talk about regarding The Strain, even if the series has come to an end. Fans had a lot to process from the final season. You can get The Strain Season 4 and the Complete Series box set on DVD starting on December 12 from retailers like Amazon everywhere. To relive the journey from start to finish and watch some killer special features, be sure to check the sets out.

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