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Warning: spoilers from season 1 of The Strain are in play. Bookmark this page, and come back if you're not caught up.

How are you doing tonight, dear readers? Feeling safe and secured, reading the entertainment we're providing you? Well, you shouldn't be, as there's a menace out there just waiting to make us all slaves to its demonic food chain. Yes, The Master and his vampiric hordes are afoot, as The Strain is gearing up for its second scary season. Your first look is waiting below...if you can handle it.

FX released the first full look at Season 2 recently, and it looks like the action is picking up following an undetermined period of time after Ephraim “Eph” Goodweather and his band of battle-hardened compatriots found themselves looking at a war between them and The Master's new world order. Funnily enough, we learned that the man who used to be named Jusef Sardu had some enemies from back home in the old world, and they too are itching for an all-out war over the soul of New York City, as well as the world. Now this pretty much lines up with the events of The Fall, the second book in The Strain trilogy. However, with the show's five-season plan and three books worth of material, The Strain is getting ready to throw some new elements into the mix in order to help extend the story a little bit.

In fact, we've just seen one of them in this very trailer, as we got our first look at Samantha Mathis playing City Councilwoman Justine Feraldo. A fresh character created just for the series, Councilwoman Feraldo is a woman who's ready to “take back this island one block at a time.” That's a fine enough strategy during a crime wave, but considering the threat that's roaming about the city, she might want to start with that first city block and see how that turns out.

Other interesting clues as to what's going to happen in Season 2 of The Strain are seeded throughout this really awesome first look. Already, it looks like computer hacker Dutch and bad ass exterminator Fet are going to get very close and intimate in a swimming pool, and Kelly Goodweather is further solidifying her place in The Master's ranks as he plans some sort of “wondrous transformation.” As well, a random storage unit looks like it holds some sort of worth to Eph and his team. Our fingers are crossed that we get another awesome “castle siege” episode out of that last bit of information.

The Strain is spreading once again, and thankfully all you have to do to be safe is keep watch. Season 2 will start up at some point this summer on FX, so you've still got time to refresh yourself on Season 1, as well as the original trilogy of books. Trust us when we tell you book knowledge is going to be key if the story keeps on track with the novels.

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