TV Clip: Welcome To The Dollhouse

Ever since I first heard about Dollhouse, I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what it’s about. Of course, I’ve read the synopses, but I still couldn’t quite get the details. I pictured something like a more hardcore Alias, in which a bunch of hot spies try to save the world but without all of those pesky feelings and memories getting in the way. Luckily, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, I’ve found out that I’m pretty much dead wrong…I think.

THR has released two clips from Dollhouse. One is an extended promo that helps explain the plot of the show, while the other one is a scene from the pilot. Check them out below:

Okay, so Eliza Dushku is playing a high-class…prostitute? She obviously knows her way around a gun, based on the first clip, but Adelle seems to be renting out Echo (as well as other Actives, I’m assuming) to lonely men for wedding dates. When will she have time to save the world? After the first dance but before cutting the cake? The clip says that the Actives volunteer themselves for this, so I’ve got to believe that there’s a whole lot more to this.

Despite my embarrassing inability to understand what I’m sure is a relatively straightforward show, I’m looking forward to Dollhouse. I wasn’t a fan of Buffy or Angel (sacrilege, I know) but I respect Joss Whedon and Dollhouse seems like the type of series that’s a little more up my alley. After all, I’m already excited about finding out exactly what the deal is with her sister, so that’s a good sign.