Tonight as I watched Gaius Baltar explain the concept of God, slavery and dog tricks to a curious centurion, one thing came to my mind: This has to be a Jane Espenson episode. The subtle way that humor was interwoven with seriousness had that familiar Buffyesque feel to it. One minute I’m laughing, the next minute something crazy is happening and all the while, I’m just trying to keep up.

Tonight’s episode brings us back to the end of the episode before last when Roslin ordered the Cylons to plug the hybrid back in. This resulted in the hybrid taking a deep breath and ordering the ship to jump away to parts unknown…

A lot of things are strange

Everytime the hybrid jumps the basestar to another location, Roslin goes into vision mode. In her vision she’s with Elosha (the priest who helped her figure out that she was the dying leader way back when). Elosha guides her down the vacant corridors of what appears to be Galactica. She finds herself in a room looking down at a hospital bed where the sick version of herself is lying their dying. Each breath seems to be an effort for dying Roslin and vision-having Roslin doesn’t totally get why she’s there.

While Roslin’s flitting in and out of visions, Baltar’s convinced that he can communicate with the hybrid. He asks her ever so politely, “Hey. Stop jumping the ship. Alright?” She doesn’t.


Based on some of her nonsensical ramblings, it seems the hybrid may have panicked over Natalie getting shot, which caused her initial jump away. Fortunately for the rebels, the hybrid’s still in on Mission: Destroy the Hub. So Helo and a random Eight work together to set up a plan to get D’Anna out of the resurrection hub and then blow the whole thing up, eliminating the whole resurrection factor from the Cylon equation.

At one point, Eight offers to rub Helo’s neck and to add awkwardness to even more awkwardness, she then confesses that she installed Athena’s memories into herself. Everything Athena knew when she downloaded onto the basestar to rescue Hera is now in this Eight’s consciousness. Stalker much? This breach of trust proves to be useful later when the Cylons and the viper pilots are set to team up to invade the hub. The humans aren’t exactly thrilled to be working side by side with the skinjobs. Athena-wannabe-Eight gives a speech about how all of them have fought by (the real) Athena’s side and grew to trust her. Now they need to trust these Cylons too. That pretty much does the trick.

While Helo and the Eight are all comfortable with their “trust” plan, Roslin pulls Helo aside and tells him that when he gets D’Anna, he should bring her directly to her. The plan was for both Roslin and the Cylons to question D’Anna but Roslin says she wants exclusive access to D’Anna. Helo doesn’t like the double-dealing but he’s a boy scout and since his Eight isn’t there to convince him otherwise, he agrees to Roslin’s orders. Kind of surprising that he didn't put up more of a fight there but perhaps given the situation they're in being stranded on a basestar, maybe he didn't want to make waves.

Rise and Shine

It seems that everyone wants a piece of D’Anna. While the Rebels and the humans want to know who the final five are, Cavil and his “pet Eight” Boomer want D’Anna to help them end the war. They figure she’s the only one who can appeal to the rebels. D’Anna’s cranky when she wakes up. At first she wants to know why she’s been unboxed and seems surprised that Cavil still doesn’t want to know who the final five are. When the rebels arrive, Boomer realizes that they must be there to destroy the hub. This inspires D’Anna to break Cavil’s neck. Boomer takes her leave at this point and we don’t see her again after that but I’m going to assume her only thought was to get off that hub as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Eight and Helo show up and take D’Anna to their basestar. Out in space the humans and rebels are blowing things up. We see the one pilot (Pike?) jump away just as he gets hit. I'm assuming he's in the raptor that gets found by the fleet (from last week's episode.)

Back on the basestar

Roslin and Baltar are both screaming at the hybrid. It’s like watching two people yell questions at a crazy person. Neither gets much of a response. Eventually, Baltar gets irritated and wanders off. He happens upon a centurion and engages in a mostly one-sided conversation with it. Judging by the subtle way the centurion tilts its head, it appears to be curious about God and its place in the universe. The fight is on outside though as the humans and rebels face off against the other Cylons. Part of the basestar gets hit and the partially-enlightened centurion is destroyed in the explosion. Baltar takes some shrapnel in the abdomen. Roslin finds him and gets him to a room with some medical equipment. She gets to work trying to patch him up and gives him some drugs for the pain. This causes Baltar to start rambling about guilt.

As Roslin is covering his wound, she starts questioning him about the guilt. Three and a half seasons have gone by and Baltar hasn’t told anyone about his involvement in the initial Cylon attack on the colonies… until tonight. In his drug-induced haze he admits to Roslin that it was he who gave the access codes to the Cylons, which allowed them to almost completely wipe out mankind. He babbles on about it being ok because God made all of us perfect and so he has no guilt anymore. He goes on about a flood and cleansing and all that. Roslin is reeling from the whole confession and she begins to undo the bandages. Baltar seems to realize what she’s doing and begs her to stop unbandaging him. His blood is dripping all over the floor and Rolsin heads back into vision-land.

Now the whole time the vision things are happening I’m trying to figure out what the point of them is. Elosha has been telling Roslin that she needs to love people. “You don’t love people. Is that clear enough? Practical enough for you, Madame president?” But this Baltar revelation has added a new twist to the visions. Elosha comments on Roslin allowing Baltar to drift off into death. She says, “If humanity is going to prove itself worthy of surviving, it can’t do it on a case by case basis. A bad man feels his death just as keenly as a good man.” In other words: letting Baltar die? Not cool, Laura.

Roslin comes back to reality and rebandages Baltar. The miracle gauze brings Baltar back to consciousness and he’s going to be ok. Not a total surprise as Baltar always makes it but this was certainly a close call.

You’re a Cylon… Psych! Totally had you there.

Helo and Eight get D’Anna onto the basestar. Then Helo tells Eight she needs to go away so Roslin can question D’Anna alone. Eight’s not happy about this and I doubt we’ve seen the last of her.

So D’Anna has a sit-down with Roslin and promptly informs her that she’s one of the final five. We get a long dramatic pause and some intense music that goes on long enough for us to think… “Seriously?” Then D’Anna laughs. Just kidding, Roslin. D’Anna may have just woken up from a long nap but she knows the score. Not only does she no longer have the ability to resurrect but she’s the one and only version of her model. Knowing the identities of the final five is the only card she has to play and she’s not going to give that info up just yet.

Just Love Someone, Laura

In Roslin’s final vision, she talks to Elosha about going home to Galactica. Back to reality - We see Adama, camped out in the middle of nowhere just as the basestar jumps into orbit. He flies on board the basestar and climbs out to find Roslin waiting for him. They hug, “I missed you”’s are exchanged and Roslin tearfully lets an “I love you” slip out. Adama responds, “About time.” The girly-girl in me swoons. It doesn’t hurt that Adama’s all Husker’ed up in his flight suit, looking all manly.

So that’s about it. Over all this episode felt like a lot of build-up for next week’s half-season finale but still, it was entertaining build-up nonetheless. With Baltar being all prophetic this season, it was nice to see the comedic side to his character again. Credit to James Callis for his hilarious delivery (especially when describing the patheticness of a dog being trained to leave a treat balanced on its nose) and to Espenson for recognizing the brilliance of these little moments, which have been pretty rare in the show these days. And now onto the promo for next week’s episode. (If you didn’t watch it and/or don’t want to know, stop reading now!)

Holy frak. So it looks like the final four are about to be outed. Tori’s ready to stand at the side of “her people” while Anders, Tyrol and Tigh look like they’re standing in the airlock. Yikes! And what’s up with the miracle-viper that Kara re-appeared in?

What Was Your Favorite Part of this episode?
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