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Ok, I get that Ronnie’s playing the game but I’m not sure I’m following his strategy. He flipped the vote last week and divided the house, causing everyone to speculate over who the mystery-vote was that resulted in the tie that allowed Jessie to evict Braden. Then he solidifies his loyalty to the Athletes by bragging about his mischievousness, while blaming Michele for the mystery vote to the Braden supports. Now he’s saying he’s targeting Russell, who’s one of the Athletes he’s supposedly loyal to. How does he expect to stick around passed next week with this plan if everyone in the house is against him?

Tonight’s episode consisted of the aftermath of last week’s eviction ceremony, a luxury competition and the beginning Ronnie’s Head of Household reign, including the nominations. Naturally, everyone was talking about who switched their vote and sent Braden packing. While Ronnie planned to through his clique member Michele under the bus, Laura and Casey were both in agreement that it was Darth Ronnie who cast the switched-vote. While Ronnie was busy bragging it up to the Athletes that it was he who screwed the Braden supporters, Laura was trying to convince everyone that Ronnie switched his vote in order to turn one side of the house against the other. Personally, I think she’s giving the guy too much credit, considering the house was already sort of divided by that point between the people who wanted to keep Braden and the people who wanted him gone. Ronnie’s switched vote caused the tie that got Braden out but if Braden had stayed, would the house have been any less divided?

All the same, Laura was right in believing Ronnie was the weasel in their midst and while some were willing to consider the theory, especially after Michele and Chima had an argument over Michele voting to evict her own clique-mate, others were stills scratching their heads. Jeff and Jordan for example, didn’t seem too sure about it being Ronnie but they might have been trying to avoid voicing their opinion on the matter, considering Ronnie’s HoH. Laura, apparently didn’t care that Ronnie was in power. She wanted to make sure everyone knew what was up and naturally, that didn’t sit well with Ronnie when he found out what she was saying. Casey was on edge because he and Ronnie had words about the switched vote but based on what we saw in tonight’s episode, Ronnie wasn’t targeting Casey.

The luxury competition, which was hosted by last season’s winner, Dan, was for two houseguests to win a chance to see The Ugly Truth. It seems like whenever CBS does this (in an effort to promote the movie), they always pick the lamest movies. Then again, as the houseguests don’t get TV, movies or radios in the house, I’m sure they’re willing to watch anything, including cheesy looking romantic comedies. For the competition the houseguests had to guess which of two answers each of the other houseguests would pick in hypothetical situations. Like for Lydia, it was something along the lines of “Which would she rather not see tattooed on her man, an ex-girlfriend’s name or the name of a the guy’s favorite boyband?” In that case, the answer was the ex-girlfriend. Whichever houseguests got the answer right got a point. And on it went until the guys answered the questions based on the girls and then the girls answered the questions based on the guys. Chima and Casey won the competition and in addition to getting to gorge on candy and watch a cheesy movie, they got to decide which clique they wanted to be the “Have Not” clique (sleep in the metal bedroom and eat nothing but slop for the week). Casey wanted the athletes, while Chima said the Populars. As the two don’t get along, Casey suggested doing paper-rock-scissors to settle the decision but Chima wasn’t having that. She threw the weight of her clique-member’s HoH status in his face and Casey backed off, saying he didn’t want to get put up. Good strategy on his part as that pretty much put the blame on Chima for the Populars being put on slop.

The most unfortunate part of the luxury competition was witnessing Ronnie in a “Space Princess” costume to emphasize his answer for the kind of fantasy night he’d like to have with his wife. Yikes. But honestly, I couldn’t believe Laura was the only one of the girls who didn’t see Ronnie as being the type of guy to have the classic Princess Leia fantasy rolling around in his brain.

Speaking of Ronnie, as he’s Head of Household this week, he got to enjoy the privilege of having his own room, filled with personal photos, a giant bubble wand and his requested CD, which for some reason was the Legally Blonde: The Musical soundtrack. Wow.

Puffed up on his HoH status, Ronnie tried to convince the Braden-supporters that it wasn’t he who changed his vote. I don’t see how he thinks he’s going to get away with lying about that though, since next week there will be a new HoH and if it’s any of the Braden supporters, chances are, the Athletes, Lydia or anyone else on the anti-Braden side of the house are going to sell Ronnie out in a heartbeat.

Ronnie made a speech about not nominating for personal reasons, which I think was supposed to be directed at Casey after the two argued over the switched vote, and then it was revealed that he nominated Laura and Jeff. Laura sealed her own fate by shooting her mouth off. It would’ve been smarter to keep her thoughts to herself until after the HoH ceremony on Thursday. She stood to gain nothing by pointing the blame at him this week but I think she was more concerned about people believing her theory than she was about how it would go over when Ronnie heard about it. So she’s up and Jeff’s up but it’s really Russell that Ronnie’s targeting. Now I can’t say I blame Ronnie for going after Russell. Putting aside his beefy exterior and short fuse, the guy seems to have a pretty good handle on the game. He’s well aware of Ronnie’s sneakiness and is keeping an eye on him. Ronnie surely knows that but why target Russell now? If he chose his side by announcing to them that he helped get Braden out, what does pissing off that set of houseguests do for him if the Veto gets used and Russell goes up? And what’s more, if Russell doesn’t go home, Ronnie’s created an unnecessary enemy earlier in the game than he needed to.

It’ll come down to the Veto this week, as is usually the case and it should be interesting to see if Ronnie’s brave enough to piss Russell off by putting him up if the Veto is used.

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