Tensions are running high in the ‘Big Brother’ house. Some of these houseguests just cant seem to get along. As much as I’m a fan of people having to lie in the bed they’ve made for themselves, I’m getting a little tired of seeing the houseguests gang up on Kail and Jen. Then again, it does provide a bit of much needed entertainment for this otherwise fairly lackluster season. ‘Big Brother 8’ could almost be renamed, ‘The Dick and Jen Show.’

On tonight’s live show we got to see what feed-watchers have been laughing about since yesterday. During an argument between Daniele and Jen, Dick decides he wants to have his say. Instead of providing his usual verbal tirade, he proceeded to walk by Jen and dump a glass of iced tea on her head; A childish move, sure but still unexpected and worthy of a laugh. Jen took this the same way she’s taken all of Dick’s verbal assaults. She rolled her eyes and smirked. Either Jen really doesn’t care that no one in the house appears to like her or she’s doing a very good job of pretending.

After last week’s eviction, the houseguests began to wonder who the other vote was to evict Kail. While Dick loudly accused Jen, some of the other houseguests began to suspect Nick. We all knew it was Eric who voted to evict Kail on our request but so far, Eric’s name doesn’t seem to have popped on to anyone’s radar. Who knows if that will change this week when once again, the houseguests will surely question which two houseguests voted to evict Kail. Zach is one of the house outcasts and everyone probably knew he wouldn’t vote against Nick but the second vote is likely to be a mystery to most of the house.

By a vote of six to two, Nick was evicted from the ‘Big Brother’ house. He knew it was coming because the majority of the house had agreed it would be him to go. Nick directed his farewell speech to Daniele, once again stating that his feelings for her are genuine. Among an emotionally stable group of houseguests, we would’ve expected Daniele to be the one to cry the most but she kept it together. Meanwhile, predictably, Amber broke down in tears over Nick’s departure as though she had just learned that Dick had barbequed her dog.

After the eviction, Julie took Nick through the usual spiel. She asked him who he thought voted to evict Kail last week. Nick suggested Jen, though he didn’t seem sure. Julie showed Nick the video of Eric saying his goodbyes and confessing to be America’s Player. Nick then got to see some of the other goodbye messages and that was that.

The Head of Household competition is an endurance comp. The houseguests all set straddling suspended pendulums below giant clocks. The last person on their pendulum will be the next Head of Household. Before the episode ended we saw the pendulums begin to sway and the houseguests being sprayed with foam that was supposed to be bird poop coming from the big fake vultures above their clocks. They were then told to hang upside down and that’s where the episode ended.

As I type this it’s been an hour since the episode ended and the live feeds are still showing trivia so I have no idea who is still left on their pendulum. Come on, CBS! People didn’t pay money to watch old ‘Big Brother’ trivia!

For those of you who were amused by Dick dumping iced tea on Jen, here’s that clip:

Tonight during his HoH room interview, Julie asked Dustin if he thought the houseguests would hold it against him for taking the trip to Barbados and the $5000 during this week’s Veto competition. Dustin said he thinks that situation is fine because Dick brought a lot of attention on himself this week. What do you think? Will the houseguests forget about Dustin’s greediness or will it come back to bit him in the ass later on in the game?

Will the houseguests hold Dustin's Veto prizes against him later in the game?

HoH Update: (blackened for spoilers – highlight text if you want to know which houseguest won the HoH competition!)
As of 10:15 p.m. EST Jen, Jessica, Kail and Daniele are still hanging on. Everyone else has come down.

As of 10:26 p.m. EST, Jessica came down. Dick is trying to motivate Daniele and psych Jen and Kail out.

As of 11:12 p.m. Jen is down. Kail made Daniele promise not to let her go home this week. Daniele swears. Kail jumps down. Daniele wins this week’s Head of Household competition.

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