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TV Recap: Canterbury’s Law – Baggage

Tonight’s episode crosses into Ghost Whisperer and Medium territory when Elizabeth takes a case involving a guy named Lewis claiming to be a psychic sleuth. When he’s hauled in by the cops for digging up a body, Lewis says the dead guy came to him and told him where to dig.

Something tells me this guy could come in handy on the disappearance of Elizabeth’s missing son. In fact, Lewis eerily tells Elizabeth about her son’s “hippo” drawing, when no one else can tell what’s depicted in the drawing.

And maybe Elizabeth thinks so, too. Everyone on her team wants Lewis to plead not guilty by reason of insanity. But in court, she enters a plea of not guilty, but not because of insanity. She thinks he’s telling the truth. After all, who’s to say he’s NOT hearing voices?

But things take a turn for the worse when Lewis ends up at the hospital, diagnosed with a brain tumor. That might explain some of his symptoms and, in fact, maybe he actually did kill someone and not remember it. He’s just not sure.

His psych doctor is acting all weird, saying he thinks Lewis is capable of murder because of his mental issues. Elizabeth calls the doctor on it, and he goes too far, saying “Crimes like these are about strength and power, about seeing the look on their faces…” Ok, this is the part where everyone is looking at the doc and then he tries to run, but security catches him. Yep, he did it and tried to pin it on Lewis. Score one for the edgy lawyer, but demerits to the writing team who dreamed up this lame plot we saw coming in the first five minutes.

On the home front, Elizabeth’s husband drags her into couples therapy to hash things out about the disappearance of their son. Only the therapist is a touchy-feely type who has Elizabeth glaring within seconds. She ends up bolting from the session. Just not ready to deal with this.

It ends with Elizabeth taking Lewis to the playground where her son went missing. With no prompting from her, he’s able to recount the details of that day, when Elizabeth answered her cell phone and looked away as her son disappeared, possibly in a black car that left the scene. The good thing is that Lewis doesn’t visualize her son as dead, which means he might still be alive. Elizabeth drowns her sorrows at a bar, then calls her husband to say how sorry she is about everything.