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TV Recap: Celebrity Apprentice - Hotel

How could it ever be considered “fair” that some of the Project Managers receive the winnings of the project, and other’s get a paltry $20K? Three weeks ago, the Playboy gal won $166K for hers, and then poor Brian McKnight get’s twenty thousand for his. Not fair at all. Shouldn’t there be a minimum? This is Trump for goodness sake!

This is straight up my favorite task ever. I worked in a hotel through college (in Housekeeping and Front Desk), and there is nothing to make you appreciate a desk job like working in a hotel. It is literally ALL about customer service, and it’s not a fun job. Seeing these divas (both the men & the women) deal with a trashed hotel room is priceless

After going MIA last week, Rodman steps up, and decides to be the PM for this week’s hotel challenge. He’s the only member of KOTU to ever stay at a Loews Hotel, and he jumps in with both feet. He delegates like a pro, and promises not to swear, by swearing.

After Clint Black’s attitude last week, I can’t wait to see him cleaning toilets. Damn, he gets Jesse and Herschel to do the dirty jobs.

T-Boz (yes, I know that isn’t her name, but it’s the same as Mark Wahlberg – he’ll always be Marky Mark to me) is the PM for the ladies and they get very little air time tonight. When they are actually shown, they seem to be on task, and throwing themselves into their tasks.

Check-in time, and the ladies are ready. The first guest for the men is left waiting, while the ladies’ guests are taken care of quickly and efficiently. Clint makes the guest sit and wait, and when Rodman finds out, he’s ticked. He gets the guy some champagne, and makes small talk about the great strip joints in Vancouver. This guy is all class. And, he has no idea what Billy Elliott is. The next guest wants a table at the Waverly Inn, and Jesse is the only one who knows that there is no way that’s gonna happen. Who is this guy? He seems so rough, but he’s got his crap together. And yet, he doesn’t know what Equus is. Hmm…

The ladies of Athena get the special treat of having Stephen Baldwin as one of their guests. You know he’s a plant, and he’s gonna be a huge pain in the ass. Kotu’s celebrity is Vinny Pastore – and he’s way worse than Stephen could even think about being. Scratch that, Stephen is pretty bad. He’s trying so hard to be like his big brother (Alec NOT William) it’s laughable.

The ladies are kicking butt, getting tickets, reservations and peep shows all lined up with ease. Rodman, on the other hand is tipsy and his guys can’t do squat. They screw up the room service, they can’t get anybody in to anything, and they get a glimpse into what jerks people can really be.

The women go the extra mile by offering turn-down service and leaving gifts in the rooms when the guests are out. The men are screwed.

Dennis makes the gay couple happy, but he also disappears and goes to dinner with them. He got them into an impossible restaurant by being with them, but his team isn’t happy. Somehow, they pull the reservations out at the last minute, and are puffing out their chests.

Meanwhile, Joan got Stephen into some last minute show (I didn’t catch the name) and he goes ballistic over a cover charge that he wasn’t expecting. Is $400 really a big deal to a Baldwin? He requested to go to the damn show, and Joan just assumed that he knew it was really expensive. She does her best to get it comped.

Dennis is literally tanked by the evening, and can’t keep his stuff together. If he doesn’t get fired tonight, it will be a serious miracle. He leaves after retrieving cookies from the kitchen and actually gets in a cab and drives off.

The next morning, the ladies offer a free full breakfast, and they are hopping. The men are standing around, with nothing to do. And Dennis returns. He is a straight up train wreck.

The women start to tank as it comes out that Joan forgot to mention some extra charges, Khloe is too laid back, and it comes to light that they didn’t do such a great job with cleaning the rooms.

Time for the reckoning…

In general, the ladies get great marks. The men have more negatives, and comments that “most” of the team were great.

Trump asks Dennis he thinks they won and he says, “No.” He goes on to claim that the team won’t listen to him. Jesse calls him out and tells Trump that Dennis clearly has a drinking problem. The entirety of the group agrees with this assessment, and Dennis has nothing to say.

As the child of someone with a drinking problem, it’s for sure that Dennis has one – he’s in classic denial, and Jesse admits that he’s been there, but been sober for 9 years. He contrasts Herschel and Dennis, saying they are both sports icons. Believe me, it is sad what alcohol can do to a good man with great potential. It’s also impossible to make someone with a drinking problem see that they have a problem if they don’t want to see it.

Jesse is spot on with his assessment of the situation, and he’s just sad for Dennis. I agree.

Trump decides he may fire Dennis, regardless of the results – but waits to see who wins. KOTU gets an 86%, and Athena gets a 91%. Athena wins.

Is there any point to having a boardroom? Just get it over with. My prayers are answered. Dennis is fired. But in his final argument, he claims he could kick all of their asses. Hmmm... while that seems relevant, Jesse challenges him to kick their asses at being a good person. Let’s all hope this is a wake-up call for Dennis, and that he can get some help.