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TV Recap: Desperate Housewives - Crime Doesn't Pay

It’s amazing to me that TV shows can manipulate us into hating a character one minute and liking them the next. Take Orson for instance. When he was introduced, he was the shady guy who may or may not have killed his first wife, ran over Mike with a car, lost his dentist license and went to jail. And when Tom is mean to him, I feel bad! Until he steals an heirloom salt shaker that is…

And the sticky fingers don’t stop there. When Bree’s publisher comes over for a dinner party, Orson becomes upset at the way the guy treats him, and steals his tape recorder. Later, he steals one of Bree’s earrings. His pride is hurt, so he’s making other people hurt. Nice.

Tom does have good reason to be mean – he and Lynette are selling the Pizza Place. They are losing money on the items they are selling, Tom starts hitting the bottle, and Lynette is trying to hold it all together. Bree sets Tom up with a mini-job interview/dinner party, and he hits it out of the park. Okay, actually, Lynette hits it out of the park when Tom drops the ball. Tom steps it up, and they battle over the job. In the process, they sell each other out, and Bruce runs out the door.

Katherine has a housewarming party to celebrate her co-habitation with Mike. She and Susan are getting along famously, that is until Susan mentions that the painting on the mantel is of Susan and Mike’s honeymoon, and that she painted it. When it’s no longer featured on the mantel at the party, Susan snoops in the basement to find it. She shows Mike that it is not broken like Katherine claims it was, and as usual, causes problems that didn’t need to be caused. Clearly, though it was a nice painting, no woman in her right mind would display her man’s honeymoon with his ex on her mantel! Susan plays nice, and later takes the painting – telling Mike it’s hers and she doesn’t want it hanging on his girlfriend’s mantel.

Gaby is still covering for that scumbag Bradley. Shayla (that’s be Bradley’s H-O) is revealed to Maria at the mall. Bradley claims that Gaby introduced them, and Gaby then confronts the Ho. She tells Shayla that Maria is pregnant, and Shayla threatens to cut her bangs off. The Ho calls it off, and Bradley says he’s going to tell Maria and fires Carlos. He does tell Maria, and Carlos is reading the want ads, trying to decide between Data Entry and the Marines. He tells Gaby he is proud of her, and the phone rings – it’s Maria. They run over to see what’s going on because she is frantic – and Bradley is D-E-A-D. For Real – knife in the damn back. Ouch.

In her weekly small part, Edie and her husband are making the rounds of the local booze joint and they run into a priest buying a lottery ticket. The priest recognizes Dave and starts to ask about how he’s doing. Dave quickly sends Edie off and threatens the priest, telling him to shut his trap. Edie later attends a church service and asks the priest about Dave. He says he can’t tell her anything – she should ask her husband. Then he calls her Mrs. Dash. Edie heads home to figure out what’s going on…I hope she figures it out before Dave kills Katherine!!!

In the end, Susan and Kat are friends again. Tom encourages Lynette to do her thing, because they’ve been doing his for 7 years, and Gaby consoles Maria as Carlos calls the police. Orson is turning creepy again –and I’m kind of glad. I hate being manipulated…