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TV Recap: Entourage - The Dream Team

Maybe it’s just me but I’m starting to feel like ‘Entourage’ has gotten a bit stale. This week’s episode, titled “The Dream Team” felt like a lot more of the same old stuff. Drama feels old and Billy and Eric hate each other. Though I will say, I was very pleased to see Ari and Lloyd teamed up. Lloyd was right, it has been a long time since the two embarked upon a stealthy mission together.

This week, everyone teamed up to perform some kind of mission. Vince, Eric and Billy teamed up to be interviewed by a film critic, Lloyd and Ari teamed up to get a new role for Vince and Drama and Turtle teamed up to get a hat and some medicinal marijuana

Drama Ages Himself Down

In preparation for returning to the set of his TV show, Drama goes shopping to try and find some clothes that will make him feel younger. He seems to think that a hoodie would be a better solution than botox but then he spots a guy wearing a hat purchased from a medicinal marijuana facility. He decides then and there that the hat is the perfect accessory to take a few years off in the eyes of his much younger costars.

In order to get a hat he needs to gain access to the facility. He cant do that without a doctor’s prescription. Getting one of those turns out to be surprisingly easy. When the doctor asks Drama why he needs to take marijuana, Drama says he has legionnaires disease. The doctor explains to him that smoking marijuana probably wouldn’t be the best treatment for a chronic lung disease. After that, Drama has a hard time coming up with a better excuse and starts explaining to the doc about wanting to look younger. The doctor uses Drama’s anxiety as the medical reason for needing to get high, writes him a prescription and sends him on his way.

Drama goes back to the marijuana place, buys the hat and a bag of weed for Turtle and leaves. When he shows up on set with the hoodie, the hat and some stylish shades everyone is happy to see him. He throws around words like “aight” and brags about hitting the gym. So far, everyone’s buying this whole younger-guy act. Then one of his costars asks about the hat so Drama shows off the membership card. They get excited and ask him if they can smoke with him in his trailer. Realizing that just wearing the hat isn’t enough, he says sure and runs off to call Turtle. Being the true friend that he is, Turtle, who is baked out of his mind, takes what’s left of the weed and goes to meet Drama at the set.

The next thing we see is Drama in his trailer, surrounded by his costars, a bunch of random girls and Turtle. He’s taking some seriously powerful hits off a bong, despite Turtle’s warnings that he should go easy since its strong stuff. Caught up in the cheers from everyone around him, Drama overdoes it and starts to freak out. Turtle just tells Drama to relax and go with it and when he does, everyone cheers more. It looks like for the time being, Drama has assumed the role of the stoned older brother among his cast mates.

Billy and Eric Throw Down

Vince and Eric run into Snoop Dogg at Barney’s and find out from Snoop that the Medellin trailer is on Youtube. They don’t really seem concerned about this until they sit down with Billy. Walsh immediate accuses Eric of leaking the trailer. Eric denies it but it doesn’t matter. Billy starts screaming at Eric and after making some really loud, crass remarks about Eric’s mother and some other stuff, Eric attacks Billy in the middle of the restaurant.

Vince and Eric leave and find out from Ari that film critic Elvis Mitchell wants to do a piece on Eric, Vince and Billy. The article would be centered on the three guys from New York making a movie together. Vince convinces Billy to go to meet with Elvis and to not antagonize Eric. Eric agrees to go and keep his cool with Billy as well. During the interview, Billy begins to insult Eric, calling him tiny and generally making little snide remarks under the guise of jest. Elvis thinks their report is hilarious, not really realizing that the two of them actually hate each other.

After Elvis leaves, Eric and Billy have a screaming match outside of the hotel. Billy tears off his shirt and we see a ridiculously huge tattoo of the word Medellin and underneath it is a giant tattoo of Pablo Escobar’s face on Billy’s back. Hilarious. Eric and Vince drive off and Eric swears that once this Medellin stuff is over, he never wants to see Billy again.

Ari and Lloyd’s Stealthy Mission

Ari finds out that the book, “Lost In The Clouds” is being made into a movie and decides that this will be the perfect role for Vince. Unfortunately, Dana Gordon is working on that project and since Ari got her fired from her last job, he and Lloyd figure she probably wont be all that eager to negotiate with them. They’re not wrong. Dana tells Ari no and then says that she’s about to close the deal for the role with Heath Ledger anyway.

The word “no” isn’t something in Ari’s vocabulary. He and Lloyd plot to get Ledger to turn down the role by going through his agent, who happens to be Ari’s former assistant Josh. After “accidentally” running into Josh at a restaurant, Ari pretends he doesn’t know anything about Ledger signing on for Lost In The Clouds. He tells Josh he’s surprised Ledger would want to do another movie about a gay guy since people still have Brokeback Mountain fresh in their minds. Of course, Ari’s making up the fact that the role of the mountain climber in this new movie is gay but he’s very convincing and it helps that Lloyd is extremely enthusiastic about the whole concept.

Later, Ari talks to Dana and isn’t surprised to learn that Ledger turned down the movie. When Ari tries to talk to her about signing Vince she says the movie’s being dropped because the director only wanted to work with Ledger.

Ari calls Vince and tells him that they got the movie and that Eric can be a producer. He goes on to say that the film also needs a director now so they can work with Billy again. Poor Eric. Just moments before he said he never wanted to see Billy again and now it looks as though they might have another project to be working on together.

Maybe I’m just getting tired of the whole Medellin thing. The project has been hanging over the show’s head for a while now. Will it be a hit? Will it flop? I don’t know but I hope we find out soon. As for Billy and Eric, since they came to blows, things really cant get much worse for them so perhaps they’ll actually find some common ground and reconcile.

HBO aired the full Medellin trailer after tonight's episode but if you missed it, you can check it out here.

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