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While last week’s episode of Greek showed us a bit of Cappie, Evan and Casey’s freshman year, this week’s brought us back to the present where Casey and Evan are still on bad terms and Rusty is just as socially inept as ever. Ok, maybe “socially inept” is too kind. Tonight Rusty bordered on creepy. Poor kid. Meanwhile, things shifted quite a bit between Casey and Evan, Frannie made some major progress in getting back in with the ZBZ’s and Rebecca saw a new side of Cappie.

Honestly, I’m finding “Moby Dick” a little long and kind of stiff.

Rusty’s ready to move on from the whole Jen K. thing. He’s developed a crush on a cute girl in one of his classes named Emma. When Dale grows tired of Rusty pining over her, he goes ahead and asks the girl out on Rusty’s behalf. Emma says yes but brings her roommate with her just to be safe. Emma’s roommate Tina is played by none other than Lisa Wilhoit. If you were a teenage girl in the 90’s than you’ll probably remember her as the often ignored Chase daughter, Daniele (Angela’s little sister) from My So Called Life. Rusty brings Dale on the date and Dale ends up totally hitting it off with Tina. She’s a proud book-nerd and as anti-Greek as Dale is. Dale shows off by telling Tina his SAT score (seriously Dale, it’s your 2nd semester in college, time to move on!). When he goes on to tell her about the group he’s forming, called U-SAG (University Students Against Greeks), Tina’s intrigued.

Meanwhile, Rusty gets a chuckle out of Emma when he says he found “Moby Dick” to be “a little long and kinda stiff.” Where is Michael Scott and his lame “That’s what she said!” line when you need him?! After the date, Rusty attempts to connect with Emma some more by leaving a joke about the “Moby Dick” thing on the white-board outside her dorm door. Unfortunately, he ends up ruining the board when he writes the message in permanent marker. Instead of just replacing the white-board, he also buys her some thumb-tacks, dry erase markers, a coffee and what I’m pretty sure was a mix CD. Needless to say, he comes on really strong and after he makes her a care package, Emma sends a message through Tina telling Rusty to back off.

Later Rusty meets with Emma and tells her he’s sorry about being so over-enthusiastic. He suggests she gives him another chance and while she’s friendly enough, she says no.

Dale didn’t have much luck with Tina either. Tina turns out to be just as overly enthusiastic about Dale’s U-Sag as Rusty is for Emma. She gets so involved in the group that she pretty much takes it over. Just as Tina had to be the one to break the news to Rusty that he was pushing too hard, Rusty in turn has to tell Tina that Dale doesn’t like having his leadership role hijacked. Tina says she just likes to be a part of things. Nothing wrong with a little passion but perhaps, like Rusty, she just needs to relax a bit and let things fall into place on their own.

We’re finally moving out of the social doghouse!

Things are starting to look up for the ZBZ’s and Frannie suggests that they try and reform the bond they once had with the Omega Chi’s. Casey doesn’t think it’s a good idea because the Omega Chi’s humiliated them publicly back during the carnival. When they’re in private, Ashleigh, who rarely ever says anything negative to Casey, quietly points out to her that that was more Evan publicly humiliating her than it was the Omega Chi’s humiliating the ZBZ’s. She has a point and since the girls are more interested in mixing with the Omega Chi’s than they are in “Scattering some gories” during game night, Casey goes over to the Omega Chi house to talk to Dino (the Omega Chi president). Evan answers the door and after asking her what she wants, tells her that the Omega Chi’s and the ZBZ’s “aren’t exactly doing business anymore.” Casey leaves with her tail between her legs and tells the girls she tried but was denied (leaving out the fact that she never even spoke to Dino.)

Ashleigh gets Calvin to appeal to the Omega Chi’s and despite Evan’s objections the guys are just as ready to mix and mingle with the ZBZs as the girls are. It’s nice to see these two houses so willing to move past the drama between Evan and Casey and remember that the rest of them actually have a say in who hangs out with who.

Call it a coincidence or fate or whatever but as it turns out, Evan and Casey both get assigned to stamp hands at the party. They end up having a fight and Casey tells Evan he should’ve given her a chance to at least talk about things before he dumped her. They both storm out. Evan gets drunk and when Frannie goes to talk to him, he tries to kiss her. She rejects him but interestingly enough, doesn’t mention anything about Casey’s wellbeing or how she wouldn’t do that to a sister. Her reasoning for not making out with him is because she doesn’t want to be “anyone’s warm body” while he’s working out his issues. Interesting.

The next day, Evan goes to tell Casey he wants her back. Once again, fate steps in because Casey’s on the front porch of the Omega Chi house just as Evan opens the door to head out. Casey tells him that she’s ready to move on and wants to be friends. Evan doesn’t get the chance to tell her he wants her back. He accepts the friends offer though and that’s how their story ends tonight.

When Casey goes home, she tells Frannie that she’s off probation and can move back into the house. I’m wondering if Casey was still on a high from telling Evan she’s over him (and thus, regaining the upper hand in their drama) or if she really thinks Frannie’s earned her spot in the house. Frannie has definitely played her cards right but can she be trusted? Was it all an act to get Casey to believe she’s changed or has she really turned over a new leaf?

Shall we start with a nasal irrigation?

Cappie’s sick. He’s got a cold and nasty, crusty pink-eye. At first, Rebecca plans on handling this by leaving him well enough alone but when she learns that Casey was an “angel” to Cappie when he was sick when they were dating, she forces herself to go play doctor. She even shows up wearing a cute little doctor costume but when she sees Cappie covered in used-tissues, it’s pretty clear that this isn’t going to be fun. Add that to the fact that Cappie gets extremely needy when he’s sick. Even his fraternity brothers won’t go near his room for fear that they’ll get sucked into the Bermuda triangle and forced to wait on him.

So Rebecca tries to cater to Cappie’s needs with tea, soup in a mug, and whatever else he needs. Finally she hires Nurse Helga to tend to him. The large Scandinavian woman takes care of Cappie through the night and while she refuses to say what she did to help him (“What happens in Cappie’s room stays in Cappie’s room.”), Rebecca is relieved that Cappie’s doing better. Rebecca explains to Cappie that she’s not Casey and wonders how Casey could even stand to take care of him when they were together. Cappie tells her that Casey used to dose him with cough syrup and sneak out when he nodded off. Rebecca may not have been overly impressed with the image of “angel Casey” that everyone was painting but she does seem to be impressed with Casey’s resourcefulness in how she handled Cappie’s neediness. I doubt she’d ever admit it to Casey though.

In the end, Rebecca and Cappie seem as close as ever. Sorry to those of you who are just waiting for Cappie and Casey to get back together. It doesn’t look like that’ll be happening anytime soon. I for one am glad to see Casey regaining her confidence and feeling ok with being on her own. Between her misery over breaking up with Evan, her jealousy over Cappie and Rebecca, battling Lizzie, and her poor choice in dates (the underage dog-groomer guy), things weren’t looking so great for her this season but perhaps they’re looking up? Or maybe this is just the calm before the storm. What do you think?

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