TV Recap: Hell's Kitchen - Has Anyone Seen My Finger?

Last Week: Matt joined the Red Team and actually managed to have a good service. Ben, however, crashed and burned, leading to his elimination. Afterwards, Ramsey told the Red Team that they needed to send one member over to the Blue Team to even things up.

After Ramsay makes his request, the teams go back to the dorms to discuss the matter. Corey immediately starts trying to convince Jen to make the switch. Jen’s reaction? “Corey is a manipulative-ass bitch.” Succinct. To the point. I like it.

The next morning, Ramsay asks for volunteers from the Red Team. At first no one speaks up, but then Jen does. She volunteers to go over to the Blue Team basically so she can sniff out her competition. The Blue Team agrees and Jen officially switches sides.

Today’s challenge is about improvisation. There are twenty ingredients from which each team needs to make four dishes. The ingredients include meat, vegetables, seafood, citrus and nuts. All of the ingredients must be used, but none can be repeated. They have 45 minutes to complete their dishes.

Ten minutes into the challenge, the Red Team is cooking, while the Blue Team is still dividing ingredients. It’s pretty ho-hum until MATT CHOPS OFF HIS FINGER. Seriously. I gagged a little bit. Corey is recounting the story and has to stop in the middle because it grosses her out.

Guys, I have a big problem even thinking about injuries that involve fingernails or nipples. This is freaking me the crap out right now. While I’m on my couch whimpering, the rest of the Red Team just seems annoyed that they have to cook his dish. But then, THEY CAN’T FIND THE PART HE CHOPPED OFF. Look, I’m sorry to go all crazy Caps Lock on you guys, but they are probably COOKING his FINGER. Aaaaiiieeee.

Meanwhile, the Blue Team seems to have a complete communications breakdown. They’re duplicating ingredients and not talking to each other. After the paramedics bandage Matt up, he rejoins his team. The challenge finishes with LouRoss barely plating his food. Here’s something weird: Nobody seems to have found the finger, yet nobody is talking about it.

Christina and Petrozza go up against each other and Ramsay likes both dishes so much that he says that they both win, awarding each team one point. Next up is Jen and Matt. They both used the quail, but Ramsay thinks that Matt’s tastes weird, so he gives the Blue Team the point. Corey and Bobby go up against each other. Ramsay deems Corey’s dish plain, but he hates the glaze that Bobby used, so Corey gets the point.

Rosann and LouRoss are up and he tells Rosann her dish looks “clumsy.” Ramsay really likes LouRoss’ dish, but LouRoss admits that he didn’t use the veal. Jen is pissed that he didn’t lie and Ramsay is pissed that they didn’t use the 20 items. Because of this, the Blue Team has to spend all day doing laundry by hand, while the Red Team has a photo shoot and interview with In Touch.

During their punishment, Jen just spends the entire time grumbling and calling LouRoss names. I get why she’s pissed, but she needs to get over herself before she turns the entire team against her. The snipping continues the next day during prep, and I have a feeling this is going to end up very badly for her.

Ramsay gathers both teams together and tells them about the surprise he has in store for tonight’s dinner service: Two food critics are going to be there and their reviews are going to help Ramsay decide which team wins. Ramsay also tells them that he has no idea where they’ll be sitting.

The critics sit together and order the same dishes (risotto and scallops) from each kitchen so they can make a 1:1 comparison. The Red Team’s appetizers come out first and the critics like them both. The same goes for those that come from The Blue Team, so they’re pretty much neck and neck. The critics both order salmon. They’re not really fans of Christina’s salmon, but say that LouRoss’ is more flavorful.

The salmon isn’t the only thing working against the Red Team. While the Blue Team has served most of their entrees, the Red Team is leaving their side of the restaurant starving. Rosann is screwing up the garnishes. She’s burning food and running out of items. Even the critics are noticing that the Red kitchen is in shambles. It’s not looking good for them at all—especially after Ramsay gets so frustrated with them that he sends them all upstairs. And then sets the kitchen on fire a little bit.

After banishing the Red Team from the kitchen, he sends the Blue Team in to finish their tickets. Jen takes this with her signature good grace and humility, screaming, “Ha ha ha! That’s what you get, bitches!” Her glee is only bolstered by the poor reviews the critics give to the Red Team. Corey is voted “best of the worst” and has to pick two nominees for elimination.

At elimination, Corey nominates Matt and Rosann, saying that she never wants to work with her during a service ever again. Man, at that point, you’ve got to really be hoping that Ramsay eliminates her, because otherwise, that’s an awkward night back at the dorms. Ramsay throws a bit of a wrench into Corey’s plan by telling Christina that she’s up for elimination as well.

After Ramsay asks the nominees to explain themselves, he surprises the crap out of me and tells Rosann to step back in line—and then he eliminates her. This show makes no sense sometimes.

Next Time: The Blue Team has had about enough of Jen and it’s Red menu vs. Blue menu at dinner service.