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TV Recap: Heroes Chapter 7 Running Out Of Time

There was more going on in this episode of Heroes than a drag show in the West Village… and that’s a whole lot. Here is a little time line breakdown. In the present the virus is just getting started. In the future 93% of the world’s population is dead because of it. But the key to all this craziness lies in the past. If your confused don’t worry I think I can break it down…

I have had a lot of questions this season as I’m sure all of you have had. One of my biggest questions was; what was the point of Hiro being in 17th century Japan for so long? According to this episode our favorite little Hiro might be the reason why so much corruption and evil hangs around the life and times of all of our genetically enhanced friends.

Hiro ends up being the legend that he loved as a boy (as I thought he would), the historical Kensei. Great! The only issue is that the real Kensei didn’t take this so well. He was so bent out of shape that Hiro stole is girlfriend and tried to kill him that he plotted his revenge over a span of 300 years. Not only to make Hiro suffer but the rest of the world as well. That’s a hell of a grudge don’t you think.

This three-century grudge brings us to the very messy present where nobody knows who, what, where, when, how or why all these terrible things are happening. Good news first, Molly is out of her coma and Maury is no longer an issue. Parkman now feels like a good man and father. Hooray for Matt!

Now here is the bad news. First, Suresh is confused about who is good and who is evil and takes the company issued gun that Noah saw in the paintings. Second, Claire is having daddy and boyfriend issues which are causing a major riff in the Bennent household. Third and most importantly, Nikki injected herself with the virus which we find out that Suresh is no cure for, but Claire might be. Can you see how this is going to go? I do.

The virus is out and Nikki is going to die and might be the reason it is going to spread. Therefore, Suresh has to go to get Claire to see if her rejuvenation abilities will help cure Nikki, but he has a run in with Mr. Bennent and shoots him. Then Claire and West find him murdered. Claire will realize her father was trying to protect her and take revenge on his death, possibly killing Suresh. This way Claire never gets to the Company, Nikki dies and there goes the planet.

This is just my theory… for the moment. Nothing is ever how it seems. There is hope for the world. Peter can save it because he is the most powerful hero of them all… and he has time travel abilities. The only issue with this is that he seems to have a personal relationship with Adam which could throw a wrench in everything.

I seriously can’t wait to see what happens. I’m extra curious hear about all the back stories. I almost screamed when Bob told Nathan there was no time to answer all of his questions. But they promise over the next five episodes everything will be explained. A whole month (groan…). We better get what we want or there might be a viewer strike.