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TV Recap: Heroes - The Second Coming/ The Butterfly Effect

OK kids, my VCR (I'm poor - don't judge me!) appears to be broken, so I'm flying with no safety net on this one. Please don't lynch me if I miss a few lines here and there.

The season opens with Peter on the run and hiding in a warehouse. As he enters the warehouse, we're clued in to the fact that this is four years in the future and things have changed since Claire's dyed her hair black and just pulled a gun on Peter. We get some dialogue which basically boils down to Peter thinking that Claire should refrain from shooting him so that he can go into the past, before "they all found out about [us]" , before the camps, before a bunch of stuff that I missed, to set things right. Claire ain't hearing it, though, and pulls the trigger, apparently forgetting that Peter can stop time. Peter steals Claire's gun and warps into the past, right before Nathan outs himself. Future Peter shoots Nathan, catching us up to last season's cliffhanger and answering the question that everyone stopped asking when this was shown at ComicCon. Present Peter chases Future Peter, but Future Peter stashes the gun and seemingly disappears, though later events prove that he apparently sent present Peter away.

And all this Future Peter/Past Peter crap is already getting old and confusing, so just assume that I'm talking about Future Peter from now on unless I say differently.

Claire sees the shooting on the news and calls Peter to say she should be helping, but Peter blows her off and tells her that he'll call her when we know more. At this point, you still think you're seeing current Peter, but this is apparently already Future Peter trying to keep Claire away from Odessa for some reason.

Nathan seems to die at the hospital, but is somehow healed or resurrected and sits straight up when Peter comes into the room to see his body.

Peter goes back to find the gun that was stashed, but Matt apparently found it first and knows that something is up. Peter finally reveals that he's the future version and warps Matt away before taking off with the gun, presumably to finish Nathan off.

Nathan isn't in his room anymore, though. He's gone into a church and begins telling a family - in Spanish - that he saw God today and that he now knows that he was sent to do great things. When a news crew asks him what he was going to say at the news conference, he begins preaching about how everyone is connected and that we all need to save ourselves to save the world. Peter followed Nathan to the church, but decides not to kill him when it becomes apparent that Nathan isn't going to tell the world about his powers. Nathan collapses and Peter is there to catch him

When Nathan wakes up again, they're in his hospital room. Peter and Nathan talk about Nathan believing that God saved him and his decision not to tell the world about his powers. Satisfied, Peter leaves to let Nathan rest and Lindemann appears seemingly from nowhere and we're led to believe that Lindeman is alive and healed Nathan.

Mama Petrelli apparently realizes that Peter is from the future and confronts him, demanding to know what he's done with "her son". Through their conversation, it 's revealed that Mama Petrelli's power is prophetic dreams and she tells Peter than he's only caused a worse future through his actions. Peter doesn't believe her and will only tell her that the Peter from the present is in a safe place.

We then cut to a prison where Weevil from Veronica Mars is banging on the glass and shouting that he's Peter Petrelli. We also see Noah Bennett/HRG, several other inmates, and the words "Level 5" painted on the wall.

A man is sitting in a hotel room watching Nathan's god speech and tells someone off-screen that he thinks they've found their man. Nikki/Jessica/Whoever the hell she is now comes out, watches the speech, and just says "I like him" Later, we find out that the man is a governor and Nikki/Jessica's new persona is called Tracy and is apparently a political consultant. They've chosen Nathan is their man to nominate as the new junior senator from New York. When "Tracy" shows up in Nathan's hospital room, he recognizes her as Nikki, but she has no memory of being anyone but Tracy.

When Nathan promises to think about the nomination and Tracy leaves, Lindeman again seems to appear out of nowhere. The way he keeps appearing out of nowhere makes me think that Lindeman isn't really there and is either all in Nathan's head or Lindemann is somehow a part of Nathan now. It seems more plausible that Nathan's hallucinating, but then how was Nathan healed? Regardless, a nurse proves me right when she later points out that Nathan is playing chess with himself when he thought he was playing Lindeman.

After some thought, Nathan agrees to serve as Senator, but only with Tracy/Nikki on his staff. A reporter draws a connection between "Tracy" and "Nikki" and threatens to run the story. Tracy freaks out and reveals her new power of being able to freeze people and, I assume, things.

Hiro is chilling in his dad's office stopping and starting time when Ando comes in and gives him shit about being rich. Hiro says that money means nothing after he's saved the world twice and now has no quest. He's merely waiting for his destiny, which apparently is the cue for the family lawyer to show up with a DVD from Hiro's father about ... Hiro's destiny. The DVD has a message from Hiro's father entrusting him to guard a secret in his personal safe that could destroy the world, but to never open the safe. Hiro, insisting that he be a hero and not a sentinel, immediately looks for a way to open the safe. In the safe is yet another DVD explaining that the secret is half of a chemical formula that can end the world. Just as Hiro opens the envelope holding the formula, someone speeds by. Hiro stops time and follows the movement lines to a girl who resists the time freeze. The girl asks him about how his powers work, punches him, and then runs away with the formula.

Later, Hiro is walking with Ando talking about the girl and decides to go to the future to see if losing the fomula to her means the world will end. In the future, a powered Ando zaps Future Hiro and steals the formula right before shit starts exploding. When Hiro comes back, he tells Ando that they have to find the formula but keeps eyeing Ando suspiciously.

Hiro calls in private detectives to investigate the speedster girl. They find fingerprints and find her name - Daphne Milbrook. Hiro and Ando warp to her apartment and find the Mona Lisa and other stolen art. While they're going through Daphne's apartment, Hiro tells Ando about what he saw in the future and Ando insists that he'd never betray Hiro, that he's his best friend. Hiro responds "Today, but what about tomorrow?" They make a plan to catch Daphne, but Hiro doesn't trust Ando enough to tell him the whole plan, thus planting the seeds for Ando's eventual betrayal.

Sylar shows up at Claire's house and stalks her around the house, doing his creepy killer routine. While Claire's hiding in a closet with a knife, Sylar finds HRG's files on those people in "Level 5". While he's reading the file, Claire buries a butcher knife in his chest and tries to run away, but he uses his telekinesis to slam her against a wall and starts cutting her head up. After a commercial break, we find out that Sylar gains powers by studying his victims' brains. Claire is still conscious while Sylar's studying hers and asks him if he's going to eat her brain. Sylar gags and tells her "Claire, that's disgusting!" After Sylar finds the secret to Claire's powers and heals from the knife wound, she expects him to kill her, but he tells her that he couldn't kill her even if he wanted to, that she's special and can never die. Later, when she's cleaning up, Claire doesn't even feel a big piece of glass buried in her hand. She freaks out that she doesn't feel pain anymore, since it's the last thing that made her feel human

Elle and Bob watch a video of Sylar killing two Company agents after he's left Claire's house. Elle says that she'll take care of it and clean up her mistake, but her dad seems to be pulling her off the case. Elle develops a theory about Sylar coming to "Level 5" to gain the powers of the inmates and runs to tell Bob, but he's already dead. She runs to let HRG out and tosses him a gun, but Sylar's already there and tosses her across the room. HRG shoots him, but Sylar just heals and taunts HRG about getting his healing powers from Claire before tossing him around. SYlar then taunts Elle about killing her dad before Elle lets off a big charge of electricity that knocks out Sylar and, apparently, all the power in the building. Elle's explosion frees all of the Level 5 inmates, who make a run for it while HRG drags Sylar away to lock him up. While he's escaping, Weevil is still insisting that he's Peter.

With Bob dead, Mama Petrelli is apparently now in charge of The Company and immediately fires Elle.

Suresh has, once again, decided to take his toys and go home. Mya gets pissy and goes all black-eyed, which gives Suresh an idea about what triggers powers. He figures that it has something with fight or flight responses and adrenaline and, after some experimentation, thinks he's found a way to give powers to anyone. Mya is horrified and asks him to destroy his solution, thinking that everyone will end up with powers like hers. Suresh explains that an individual's blood chemistry determines their power, but Mya still thinks that if the solution can't "cure" her, then it's evil and should be destroyed. Suresh begins to destroy the solution, but then injects himself and goes into a seizure. When some dudes try to mug him, Suresh crushes one of their guns and throws the other into a building. Later, when Mya comes by to apologize, Suresh starts exhibiting powers like Spider-Man Later, when he wakes up, Suresh seems to be mutating and has sores all over his back that have crystals or glass in them.

Matt wakes up in the desert, and begins trying to find out where he is. While he's wandering, he sees a boulder with a symbol that looks like the Earth splitting in half, which Suresh also sees on the side of a building when his powers manifest. Matt finally meets a man who tells him that he is in Africa. The man also apparently has the same powers as Isaac, since he mentions that Matt being in Africa means the future is not as he painted it.

Mama Petrelli has a prophetic dream of the titular villains killing the main group of heroes. She's certain that it's because of Future Peter being there and tells him to go back, citing the Butterfly effect. To prove it, she tells him about Claire being attacked by Sylar as a result of Peter telling her not to go to Odessa, which I don't remember him doing. Peter doesn't believe her, but goes to see Claire, swooping in to catch her just as she's about to videotape herself jumping in front of a train. Somewhere in their conversation, Peter realizes that he needs to go back to the future (heh) and tells Claire goodbye. Peter then reveals himself to Nathan and explains why he shot Nathan and then leaves, saying he has to set things right.

HRG stops by his house to get his files on the Level 5 inmates. When Claire finds him there, he explains to her about the "Villains" and why he can't stay. He's also called in Claire's mom to keep his family safe.

Future Peter goes to Level 5 to free current Peter from Weevil's body, but all of the inmates have escaped. Peter (in Weevil's body) tries to call Nathan to warn him about Future Peter, but the other villains tell him to hurry up and get into the SUV they stole so they can get away from the gas station they're trashing.

Back at Level 5, Mama Petrelli frees Sylar because she's a crazy bitch and tells him she's his mother. Actually, I think somewhere in the speech she murmured into his ear she told him that he's the only one who can save them from the Level 5 inmates or something. In the previews for next week's episode we see that he'll become Noah Bennet's/HRG's partner in The Company.

... and that's all for this week, folks. I think it looks like it'll be a good season, how about you?