TV Recap: Las Vegas - Run, Cooper, Run!

A bloody corpse, a new surveillance gadget, and Coop-on-the-run all figure into this week’s episode. Those are the interesting storylines. Not so interesting are Delinda’s egg-carrying thing and Piper’s geek-makeover, which make this show seem more like The Love Boat than Las Vegas. Stop phoning it in, writers!

When Mike and Danny are summoned to Cooper’s luxurious suite (complete with bowling alley and circular staircase), the last thing they expect to find is a dead woman in his bed. Coop sits in stunned silence. Says he doesn’t remember a thing about last night.

All signs point to Coop as the killer. And as Mike notes, there’s a lot about this guy they don’t know. But Danny isn’t so sure. Both he and Coop were Marines, and Danny learns through another Marine buddy that Coop was part of the Phoenix Group, a special ops branch of the Marines. Hmmm, nice to know their boss is a trained killer.

When the cops get there, Coop is long gone, supposedly on his jet headed for Mazatlan. In reality, he’s still in Vegas, trying to figure out who’s messing with him. Thanks to Mike’s new surveillance gadget, they’re able to track the guy back to the Montecito. It’s a guy who thinks Coop stole his dad’s land. “My family had everything and because of you, we lost it all,” whines the perp. Coop says he never stole anything from anyone. I don’t know about you, but I believe him.

Also staying at the Montecito is a family from Long Island, there for a lavish bar mitzvah party for their geeky son. Only he’s not so geeky after Piper makes him over into a Drake Bell lookalike. Piper helps the son connect with his dad, as well as a girl he’s been pining over. But not until she fixes his never-been-kissed problem by kissing him. Ok, is this SOP for hotel concierges?

By the way, this is some bar mitzvah. The parents even bring in the band Mims, which sing “This is Why I’m Hot.” Does anyone else think that’s an odd song choice for a bar mitzvah? The lyrics include “See my pimping never dragged, find me with different women that you niggas never had, for those who say they know me know I’m focused on my cream…” I mean really!!! I’m no prude, but what kind of parents would hire this band for their son’s party?!!!r>

Meanwhile, Delinda and Danny are carrying around eggs to see if they can keep them safe and be good parents. They hand out eggs to Mike, Piper, and Sam, too. Sam drops hers immediately, but no matter. I’d love to be as irreverently unencumbered as Sam .

Only Mike’s egg comes out safe, thanks to his cool new utility-belt-gadget-thingie. His prize? He gets to be the baby’s godfather. Sweet. Even Delinda’s egg is cracked, but she gets it. “It’s not about protecting your kids from the world. It’s how to deal with all the crazy things that are bound to happen to them.” Oh, and she also gave an egg to Coop, who despite his wild day, manages to keep the egg in one piece. His award is dinner with Danny and Delinda that night. Just another day at the Montecito.