Have you ever heard of “badge bunnies”? If not, this week’s episode of Life was probably a little creepy and a lot gross for you (it was for me, too). Not everything was bad, though. We had some definite Tidwell/Reese action and the most surprise ending ever.

Okay. A “badge bunny” is a girl who only dates cops. Well, she doesn’t just date them. She’s basically their sex toy and usually they stay within one precinct thus the cops will refer to the girls as theirs. I told you it was gross. We all know how cops get when another cop is killed, right? It’s just as bad when a bunny is killed, which is exactly what happened. Kendall was loved by all the guys in the precinct and she loved all of them. So why did she end up being shot in the back three times? And why was she with a known drug dealer (who was also killed)?

Crews and Reese first look at the most obvious suspect; the drug dealer’s boss. He didn’t have any reason to kill his own guy, though, so they turn their attention to Kendall. Everyone they talk to say Kendall wasn’t into drugs or even hard liquor and she didn’t have any enemies. However, there’s a lot of motive floating around a bunnies’ murder. Maybe another bunny was jealous of her time with a certain cop? Maybe a wife was jealous? Maybe she just pissed off the wrong cop?

Unfortunately for Crews and Reese, none of these seem to be the right question. The bunnies all share the cops. No, literally. They’ll all party with one cop and share him or they’ll have different nights. Completely creepy. Still, the bunnies are out. The only wife still around used to be a bunny herself and while she may not like the bunnies hanging around her now separated husband, she’s not the killing type. Plus, she has an airtight alibi. Without anywhere else to turn, Crews and Reese start thinking cop.

The one cop that Kendall really seemed into, Sean, is really the only one who had the motive. It could be they would get high together and something just snapped in Sean’s head. His drug test came back negative, though, so he’s out, too. So, what do you do when all your suspects are exonerated? Start all over, I guess.

Before they start going through the entire investigation again, Crews and Reese both need to blow off a little steam. For Charlie, that means calling over a few bunnies. I thought it would just be one but three turn up. The only question Charlie had for them is how do you know a good cop from a bad one. They say it’s in the taste (uber-creepy) and all take turns kissing him. Okay, a quick side note. If badge bunnies really exist and they’re as scary as these actresses, ew. That’s really all I can say. While Charlie is partying with the girls, Reese is blowing off steam at the shooting range. Guess who should come by? Tidwell, of course. He says he’s only there as her friend but after they shoot a little, there’s some definite tension. This, inevitably, leads to the funniest serious kiss ever because, honestly, who can look good with those big glasses and earmuffs on? Still, they were totally both into it.

Bad timing for both of them because just then they get a tip that the drug dealer has the murder weapon hidden in his garage. When they arrive, Crews notices Reese and Tidwell came together and then notices that Reese has Tidwell’s gun, not hers. Funniest scene yet in Life. The drug dealer screams set-up, of course, and Crews and Reese believe him. They still arrest him but they know they don’t have the right guy. It sounds a little shady that they want to keep investigating but to be fair, they did think about just letting the drug dealer rot in prison.

This time around, they only look at a cop. Who else would know to stash the gun at that drug dealer’s house? When they go looking for Sean, they run into his partner, who’s acting quite fidgety. This guy has been so helpful the entire investigation but now he’s all jumpy. One look and Reese knows he’s high. Guess not everyone on their squad says no to drugs.

Crews and Reese call the bunnies in again without any luck. The partner has never been with any of them and none of them have tried to be with him. He has a wife and kids and apparently that’s off limits. Sean’s wife, though, did have a story about her estranged husband’s partner. When she and Sean were having difficulties, his partner was a great shoulder to lean on. He would listen to her and try to cheer her up. She thought he was just this super nice guy but then one night, he took her to an out of the way bar and hit on her. She turned him down and walked straight out of the bar. That might have just saved her life because when Crews and Reese visit this bar (a known drug bar), they learn that the partner and Kendall were there the night of the murder.

Now all they need is more proof than a druggie bartender’s eye witness and a story from Sean’s wife. They go the cop bar where he and his squad hang out and confront him head on. They tell their version but the guy’s close with his friends and they all defend him. Until Crews shoots three holes in a wall and everyone pulls their off-duty piece. Guess who doesn’t have one to pull? Exactly. He really was a bad cop.

The next scene is a little strange. Suddenly, we’re in Crews’ car and he’s driving one of the cops from the funeral picture. You know, the one he thinks has the players behind his set-up. He starts asking the guy questions and when he pulls into a parking lot, the guy says, “This is a kidnapping.” When Crews says it isn’t, the guy responds with, “No. This is a kidnapping.” Crews’ window is broken in by a masked guy and the screen goes black. Say what? I told you it was a surprise ending. You didn’t think no one would care Crews is looking into his case, did you? Tsk, tsk.
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