TV Recap: Life - I Heart Mom

Lots to talk about this week on Life. There’s the case of the guy with money shoved down his throat. There’s Tidwell and Reese. And, of course, there’s Charlie’s personal case. No messing around today…

A guy is found beaten and shot to death in the attic of a house. This house, though, has no roof. You would think this is a rare occurrence but this particular guy ran a roofing business. Naturally, his roofing business was a con. They removed the roofs and then raised the rates to put it back on. Imagine all the poor Los Angelans sitting around with no roof. Sad. There were 60 to be exact. Crews and Reese simply had to check the Better Business Bureau to find that out. But, according to the guy’s partners, they run a legitimate business. Okay, crazies.

In the 60 complaints, there are a few that are promising. Actually, one guy cops to beating up the victim but says he didn’t kill him. The ME confirms his story because this guy was beaten hours before he was shot. So if one client did the beating, maybe another did the killing? There was one client who withdrew her complaint, but it couldn’t be her? This is a little old lady, very unassuming. When Crews and Reese visit her, they can’t believe she could have done it. Then she mentions her son, the one who told her to drop the suit. Let’s have a collective, “ah.”

This son, who the mother claims is so nice, is nicknamed Sweet Willie. Yeah, he’s a peach, all right. Crews and Reese figure they have their man. After all, this guy cut out one guy’s tongue, broke another’s fingers, and blinded another. He’s been in jail plenty of times but his mother, and he, claims he’s a changed man. Now he just runs a little antique place. Oh, and Crews finds out he’s now running the roof scam. He told the other two partners he wouldn’t kill them if they let him run the show, so there it is. It’s the same way he got the little antique store he runs. He’s still clean for the original murder, though.

Crews and Reese talk to the guy who used to own the antique store (he’s blind now) and get some info on what Willie is really selling. Who wants drugs in their old China clock? If you do, you went to the right place. Willie is going back to jail but he says he’ll make a deal because he still says he didn’t kill the money guy. But he does say he has the murder weapon. Only one little problem, Willie gives them a .45 and the guy was shot with a .38. Willie says one of the business partners gave it to him for insurance. So where did the actual weapon go? Back when Crews was visiting one time, the female partner said she could take care of herself. Did that mean a gun? Only one way to find out.

Meeting with the partners, Crews and Reese ask the girl if she has a gun. When she says she got one from the other partner, he flat out denies it. Says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Then she grabs it and now her prints are on the murder weapon. Oh, slick little prick. They all think they’re so smart…but he didn’t wipe the bullets and that’s exactly where Crews pulls his finger prints from. Guess he valued his life more than his friends because he killed his own partner just to stay alive. Nice people this week. Really makes me want to move to LA and befriend all my neighbors. Well, some people aren’t that bad, I guess.

Reese and Tidwell seem to be going strong. They banter all cute and she got jealous when he was talking to a woman in his office. Cute. There’s also Ted, who got out of prison last week thanks to Charlie. We meet his daughter this week. She’s one of those not so nice people but I guess I can’t blame her given Ted’s past mistakes. Maybe something good will happen for our little Ted one of these days. Maybe? Hopefully?

At least something good happened for Charlie this week. Well, kind of. He met with Rayborn again and this time, Rayborn told him they did steal the money from the Bank of LA, and then some. Jack Reese, however, gave his away to charity and stayed a cop. Guess he wasn’t that bad. The others, though, made investments, one of whom was Roman and now Rayborn wants to make amends before he dies, which is why he sent Charlie after Roman. It’s all fine and dandy that now we know they were dirty cops but why send Charlie away? Still a little fuzzy. What’s not so fuzzy is the blood all over Rayborn’s boat, where he met with Charlie. And that woman who was in Tidwell’s office? She runs a security company who was supposed to keep Rayborn safe and now thinks Crews is the killer. But if she saw Charlie on that boat, who else did? Hmm. I love when they give us something…I know where I’ll be next Wednesday.