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TV Recap: Smallville - Subterranean

This week’s episode of ‘Smallville’ was essentially one minute long. Everything else leading up to that final minute was forced trite. We get that Clark is an alien, but the ridiculous storyline about illegal Mexicans was too much even for me. I often find myself apologizing for ‘Smallville’s weaker moments simply because I know that greatness lies in the show somewhere. With unequivocal conviction I can say that “Subterranean” was one of the lowest moments the series has had. Except well…there was that final minute.

The episode deals with a young illegal immigrant named Javier, who speaks perfect English. A fact that probably had more to do with the actor’s inability to utilize an accent, rather than the forced communication jokes. To be fair, Jimmy’s attempt to communicate did bring a small smile.

While working on the McNally farm in Smallville, Javier decides to run away to find his mother. He convinces his friend Francisco to join him. As they make their escape Francisco is pulled into the ground mysteriously. Javier ends up on the Kent farm where Clark discovers him.

Rather than turning the boy in, Clark sees a bit of himself in Javier. You know, them both being illegal immigrants and all. Yeah, it’s as forced as it sounds. So Clark goes to the farm and with a bit of research discovers that there are bodies buried all over the place. He calls the police and they dig up the bodies, and then arrest McNally. Before Smallville’s finest can take him into custody, the former friend of the Kent’s vanishes into the ground. It appears that the meteor shower that hit a year ago has given him the ability to displace minerals.

While Clark is doing his sleuthing outside, Chloe helps Javier track down his mom who works at a laundry service in Granville. Jimmy, providing the only relief from a horrendous episode, shows up at Chloe’s apartment bearing a rose and a can of whipped cream. You got to give it to the guy; he’s none too subtle and is still genuinely nice enough to not be creepy. In fact, I thought it was pretty brilliant of him.

Clark informs Javier that Chloe has located his mom and they’ll go see him the next day. Then Javier asks for the truth about his friend, and Clark lets him know Francisco is dead. Distraught, Javier has Clark pull over and they walk out onto the McNally farm. It’s here where an awesome battle takes place. Oh wait, I’m thinking of another episode where something actually happens. No, what happens is Clark gets sucked under ground. There’s some rumbling. Then McNally is thrown up out of the dirt. That’s it.

Honestly, there isn’t much else to the storyline. Which is good, because what there was made me want to gouge out my eyes. The real episode begins and ends with Lex.

So what happens when the rest of your characters get bogged down in bile? You rely on one of the greatest villain portrayals on television. No matter how corny they try to make the Lex/Lana romance, ‘Smallville’ cannot keep the evil mastermind down.

This week we have to deal with a bit of the Lana tripe. But I have to say I enjoy it more and more. Not because I like what’s happening, instead it’s Lex’s face as he hugs Lana. There’s a cold calculating look there each time, and it always makes me wonder what is really going on.

While guesses could easily have been made, the final minute of ‘Smallville’ gave us our first glance at the master plan.

We find Lex entering a lab where McNally’s body is on a table. The doctor informs him that the farmer is in a coma. Lex simply states, “Put him with the others.” Huh? Others? Are we finally going to stop avoiding the obvious?

That’s exactly what happens. Lex walks down a corridor as hands reach out through bars on either side trying to grab him. At no point is Lex concerned for his safety, and he literally struts down the hall, leaving 33.1 content in the knowledge of his own greatness.

‘Smallville’ is taking a break for awhile. Normally I don’t talk about the previews shown at the end, but in addition to the Lex scene, it was the only thing worth watching. Lex is building an army, and Clark is going to lead the Justice League into war against him. It’s the most badass idea to ever come from ‘Smallville’ and I simply can’t wait to see how it plays out.

So, what did you think of the episode?

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