TV Recap: True Blood - Frenzy

If last week’s episode of True Blood was a comedy, tonight’s was like a horror movie, complete with a crazy woman cutting off her own finger and the end of the episode ending with a blood-curdling scream.

There’s trouble in paradise for Hoyt and Jessica. After Jessica sunk her teeth into Hoyt’s momma, much to the black-eyed woman’s delight, Hoyt left Jessica to scream and cry blood while he took Momma home. Back at casa Hoyt, Hoyt’s Momma made some weird potato-chip, candy bar and hot-sauce casserole for the god they’re all expecting and she giddily admitted to her son that she thought his dead father was a closet homosexual and that he didn’t get killed by a burglar as she told the police in order to collect some insurance money. Hoyt’s father killed himself.

Bill spent the episode at the Queen’s house in her special “day room.” The bloody foot we saw at the end of last week’s episode belonged to a woman the lesbian-queen was feeding off of. The queen is a woman who loves to talk and is chock full of theories on human nature and all of the things she loves and dislikes. She offered Bill a male-snack (who offered Bill some sex, of which he declined), a game of Yahtzee and the company of her random human minions, one of which is Sookie’s cousin. Bill really just wanted to get the information and get back to Sookie but as what the Queen says goes, he stayed there until she was willing to give him the information he wanted. The queen inevitably explained to Bill that Maryann imagined herself into immortality and that the gods maenad’s wait for never come. They only exist in humans’ minds, like money and morality. In order to get Maryann to leave she needs to think she’s been ravaged and consumed by the god. The queen also mentioned that Maryann needs to sacrifice someone supernatural in order to get her mad-god to appear. This explains why Maryann’s been insisting on getting Sam but now that she knows Sookie’s a supernatural being with a beating heart, she might set her sights on her instead.

Jason and Andy set off to get some weapons, leaving Sam to tend to Arlene’s kids. In case anyone was wondering what happened to the two rugrats since their mom joined the town-wide orgy, they’re ok and now in Sam’s care. Sam went to see Eric to see if he can help and we learned that Pam despises children. We also learned that Eric can fly. Eric's solution was to do pretty much what Bill did and go to the Queen to get information how to destroy the Maenad.

Jason came to the conclusion that they need to destroy the town because as he read in the bible (or the constitution), sometimes you need to destroy something to save it. They went to the sheriff’s office and narrowly escape being killed by crazies (or seduced by one of them, in Jason’s case) so they can get some guns. Afterward, they had a conversation-slash-argument about which of them has had it worse before all of this was going on. The last we saw of them they were packing some serious weaponry and headed off to save the town.

Lafayette and Sookie sat outside Lafayette’s house while Tara convinced her mother to uncuff her from the table. She wanted to go after Eggs and she played to her mother’s weaknesses, using God and guilt to convince her mom to help her out. Believing that she might be able to win her daughter back, Tara’s mother went through with it, sending Lafayette into a hallucination when she pointed the rifle at him. He admitted to Sookie earlier that he was having sex-dreams about Eric, whom he hates, ever since he drank his blood. When Tara’s mother pulled the gun on him, he hallucinated that it was Eric pointing the gun and threatening to kill him. As Lafayette was nearly paralyzed with fear, it was up to Sookie to take charge.

Sookie got Tara free from the handcuffs, gave her the keys to the car and called her a “fucking idiot.” I have to agree. While I can understand Tara’s insistence at wanting to help Eggs, after everything Maryann made her do, why is she in such a rush to go back there when they don’t really understand what they’re up against? How did she really expect to get Eggs back without help, anyway? Anyway, she left and Sookie went to help Lafayette, who was still staring down the barrel of the rifle Tara’s mom was holding. She chucked something at Tara’s mom and after Lafeyette got the gun from her, the two took off for Sookie’s house to save Tara.

When Tara got back to Sookie’s house, Maryann told her that it was Tara who summoned her during Miss Jeanette’s crazy ritual. She did her weird-shake thing to get Tara back to crazy and when that didn’t work, she hit her. That did the trick and Tara was back to her old black-eyed self. Maryann’s crazies showed up after that to tell her that the god came and smote Jason. She realized right away that it was a hoax and sent a horrible fingernails-down-the-chalkboard noise through all of their heads before sending them away and heading off to do the job they were supposed to do.

It was nighttime when Sookie and Lafayette arrived at Sookie’s house. Lafayette distracted Arlene and Terry by bribing them with drugs while Sookie went into the house to find Tara. While Jason’s pissed off at his “turf” being taken over by zombies, Sookie’s more concerned about the state of Gran’s house. The place will never be the same after all of this and the same can be said for Bon Temps.

After getting rid of Arlene and Terry, Lafayette was approached by Maryann and Carl. He had the gun on him and when he tried to use it, it ricocheted off Maryann’s hand and hit Carl in the head, killing him.

Sookie went into the house and met a few obstacles during her search for Tara. She found a woman severing her own finger as an offering to the god and there was a crazy man in the kitchen that insisted on spooning with her. She hit him over the head with a frying pan and went upstairs to find a man trying on one of her dresses. Tara and Eggs were in Gran’s room destroying her things and sprinkling feathers over a giant egg in the middle of the bed. The episode ended with Sookie turning around to see Lafayette standing behind her in Gran’s room. His eyes were black and it’s clear he’s one of Maryann’s people now.

Other notable moments included Jason not going through with getting a BJ from the blonde in the sheriff’s department, proving that he’s not entirely without principles. We also saw Bill threaten to tell the queen about Eric forcing humans to sell vampire blood if he doesn’t stay away from Sookie. And we learned that Tara’s mom used to shoot cats with a BB gun if they went to the bathroom on her lawn.

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