TV Recap: Veronica Mars - Weevils Wobble And The Bitch Is Back

So that’s it. ‘Veronica Mars’ is over. The third and final season came to a close tonight with two back-to-back episodes, titled “Weevils Wobble But They Don’t Fall Down” and “The Bitch Is Back.” As a season finale, it was a great. As a series finale, it just didn’t cut it. How can the show not come back? How can they leave us with Veronica and Logan still apart? I will say this; I did appreciate the writers throwing in some scenes that reminded us of the first season. Lilly’s gorgeous face graced the episode, if only briefly, a grown-up version of The Tritons surfaced on campus, Jake Kane returned and the beach scene with Wallace flying the plane was a straight up nod to the pilot episode.

Mac: Hey, did anyone else hear there’s going to be a Matchbox 20 reunion show?

Piz: So? Rob Thomas is a whore.

Glorious line. I don’t know what I’m going to do without ‘Mars’ next year.


In the “Weevil” episode, Weevil is falsely accused of creating fake student IDs and selling them to students so they can cheat the campus meal-plan. Long-story-short, the accusers turned out to be the crooks. A bunch of rich kids obtained a computer and the programming to create the IDs and then, knowing Weevil had a criminal past, put the blame on him. Veronica tricks them into thinking they confessed and they turned themselves in, clearing Weevil’s name. At the end of the episode, Weevil went to get the computer used to make the IDs then lied to Veronica, saying he couldn’t find it. I guess he really isn’t above white-collar crimes after all. Overall it was a good mystery-of-the-week but seeing as it was the second to last episode, the only thing I cared about was that we finally got more Weevil!

Now on to the good stuff:


Dick’s going through some rough times. When he’s drunk, he asks Logan if he did anything to stop Cassidy from jumping off the building. Logan doesn’t even answer, knowing Dick is just being drunk-Dick. Dick mentions a time when Cassidy was little and he duck-taped him to his bike, forcing him to ride around in circles for hours in the cul-de-sac where they lived, unable to stop because he didn’t want to fall over. He’s very remorseful for the things he did to his brother when they were growing up. He even goes as far as to apologize to Mac for how he treated her and Cassidy when they were dating, admitting that he was just offensive because he knew they thought he was an idiot. He chased the apology with an attempt to kiss Mac but she pushed him away. He was drunk for this scene too but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Veronica and Piz

Veronica complains to Mac that Piz is being all mopey because she’s going to Virginia to intern at the FBI. Later, when she and Piz are hanging out in his room, she calls him on his cell, pretending to be calling from Virginia. She does the whole “aw, I miss you so much” routine but then hangs up and climbs into his lap. The two end up fooling around. Little do they know, they’re being videotaped.

Logan's Rage

Dick gets an email containing the video and, after forwarding it to everyone he knows, he shows it to Logan. Logan knows Veronica never would’ve consented to being taped fooling around with someone and assumes Piz intentionally made and distributed the video. He shows up at the radio studio and proceeds to beat the crap out of Piz. Sure, Piz got a few punches in but his emo-skills were no match for Logan’s bad-boy rage.

Veronica had no idea about the video until Logan showed up, still bloody from the Piz-pounding and gave it to her. He told her about the tape and she tells him that she hasn’t had sex with Piz. He says he just assumed because she was naked in the tape and there was other stuff going on. I guess he didn’t watch the whole thing. He goes on to tell her that he beat up Piz and then leaves. Veronica goes to Piz’s room and finds Wallace helping a bruised and broken Piz down the hall. Logan left Piz with five stitches and a few cracked ribs. Veronica questions Piz about the video and naturally, he knows nothing about it. She believes him and goes to tell off Logan.

Veronica's Done With Logan

She shows up at the suite and confronts Logan about what he did to Piz. Logan tells her that he’s trying to be her friend. He also calls her out on their unwritten code of righting-wrongs through revenge. It would be pretty hard for Veronica to argue with that logic but she’s had enough of bad-Logan. She tells him they’re over and she wants him out of her life. On her way out, she demands that Dick tell her where he got the email.

Veronica Begins The Sex-Video Investigation

Dick got the email from Chip, the frat guy who got an egg stuffed up his keister last fall. She kindly reminds him of that incident when interrogating him. He plays the scene in the typical fratty smartass way until she threatens him with revenge. Chip tells her that some guy named Dominic sent him the video. She goes to Dominic’s room and this guy, unfamiliar with just how messy Veronica can make a person’s life when they get on her bad side, gives her the run-around.

With Weevil’s help, Veronica gets Dominic’s car stripped and she has his credit cards turned off. When he returns to his room, she’s waiting for him and he finally decides to tell her that he got it from a guy named Gory. She goes to Gory’s room and as she’s about to leave, he comes out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel, which he quickly discards once he gets into his room. He stands their naked, basically telling her to get lost, unless she wants to party. She leaves but not before bugging his room.

Wallace and The Castle

Throughout both episodes, Wallace realizes he’s being stalked. He eventually confronts the guy following him and finds out that he’s been tapped to join a secret society similar to the “Skull and Bones” group. This group is called The Castle and its members consist of some of the richest and most powerful men in the country. He’s invited to pledge but he can’t tell anyone about it.

So when Veronica bugs Gory’s room, she hears him calling someone and talking about the pledges and a drop-point where each of the guys has to go on campus to pick something up. She sits near the spot and takes pictures of each guy who goes to a newspaper vending machine and collects an item wrapped in the newspaper. When she sees Wallace, she approaches him afterwards and asks him a few questions. He brushes it off but realizes she knows something about what he’s involved in.

Wallace goes to visit Veronica later and confesses; telling her that he suspected the tape might’ve had something to do with his pledging. He swears he didn’t know the room was bugged and tells her everything he knows about The Castle, which is mostly nothing. He’s never even met any of the members. The only thing he was able to find about the organization was an old newspaper exposé on the group, which Nish printed a while back. Nish, you’ll remember, was one of the girls involved in the feminist group that was protesting the fraternities last semester.

Veronica talks to Nish and she knows little more about the group than anyone else, saying the members are all secret but that the group was started by Hearst’s founding father who was allegedly a member of the Skull and Bones Society.

Wallace agrees to go undercover to the hell-night portion of the pledging ritual to try and get pictures of the brothers of the organization. He climbs into the trunk of a car and is taken to a building filled with tiny empty rooms. Over a speaker, someone asks him to strip down to his boxers, put on an electric collar and throw his clothes out into the hall. He keeps the pen with the camera in it and chucks everything else out.

He puts the collar on and sits in a chair in front of a video camera. The voice, calling him number 3, tells him that they’re going to ask him a bunch of questions and if he lies, one of his brothers in the adjacent rooms will be electrocuted (from the collar). Wallace is questioned about his father and the hit-and-run incident that took place the year before. During this time he’s zapped because apparently one of his “brothers” told a lie. They ask him about the pen he held on to and he lies, saying it’s just a pen. He hears someone in another room cry out in pain, having just been electrocuted. He knows they know about the pen and refuses to say anything more after that, so they order him to leave.

The undercover mission wasn’t a total bust though. During his interrogation, the voice accidentally called him 2400. His number was three, which also happened to be his basketball number. He and Veronica realize that 2400 must be the number of the guy on campus who was known to get a perfect score on his SATs. Veronica follows that guy to a mansion and sneaks in through the doggy-door. Seems kind of silly to think of a mansion having a doggy door but there was indeed one in this giant house and Veronica was tiny enough to squeeze through it, though not without tearing her sweater and leaving a Scooby-doo clue behind.

When she’s in the mansion she sneaks past the room where all of the Castle guys were convening. She ends up in an office and hides behind a curtain when two men enter. One of the men gives the other guy a CD and he puts it into his computer, uploads everything to the hard drive then destroys the disc. After seeing portraits of Lilly and Duncan in the mansion and then realizing one of the men in the room is Jake Kane, Veronica realizes she’s snuck into the new Kane estate.

Return Of The Kane

She steals the hard drive and sneaks out undetected. She wasn’t entirely undetected though. In addition to the thread from her sweater that got snagged on the doggy-door, the neighbor’s security camera picked up Veronica climbing over the fence. After Keith is called to the scene to investigate the stolen hard drive, he quickly picks up the clues Veronica mistakenly left behind, including the DVR containing the footage of her climbing the fence. Keith, knowing nothing about the tape, doesn’t know why Veronica would have broken into Jake Kane’s house.

Clarence Wiedman is still working security for the Kanes and it doesn’t take him long to figure out that Veronica was the one to steal the hard drive. Kane is infuriated and the two get the county prosecutor to demand that Keith give up the DVR. Keith demands a court order before he’ll do it and when they leave; he uses the magnet from a big stereo speaker to wipe the DVR’s memory.

Veronica took the drive to Mac’s to see if she can hack Kane’s password. In order to do this they have to use a monstrously powerful computer in one of the campus labs. They spend hours waiting for the password and when they finally get it, they view all of the inside-info about The Castle. This includes a giant list of names of the organization’s members, dating back more than 70 years. They also find the confession videos, including Gory’s video. Wallace’s hit-and-run confession was pretty tame compared to some of the stuff they found on there. Gory confessed to witnessing his father chopping up some dead bodies. Rich people.

Realizing that this stuff isn’t really her type of revenge material, Veronica prints out a copy of the list and gives it to Nish. She then returns the hard drive to Kane. He claims there’s no way she could’ve hacked into it but after she reveals some of The Castle’s dirty little secrets, he knows she’s not bluffing. She gives it back to him, telling him that all should be forgiven. Unfortunately, the Kanes never were a forgiving lot. Jake had Keith brought up on charges for tampering with evidence after the DVR was returned to them with nothing on it. This will pretty much destroy Keith’s chances of getting elected for sheriff. Then again, there’s always the chance that the residents of Balboa county will recognize Vinnie Van Lowe for the toolbox that he is and vote accordingly. We will never know.

Logan and Parker Break Up

After Logan beat the piss out of Piz, Parker showed up to tell him off. She said she was stupid for thinking he was over Veronica. He tried to explain that he beat up Piz because Veronica is his friend and the sex tape could ruin her. The truth was all over his face though. He still loves Veronica and Parker knows it. She stormed out just as Veronica was about to go in and tell Logan off. On her way out she tells Veronica that Logan is all hers. Veronica says that’s not even close to the reason why she’s there but Parker doesn’t care. She gives her a nasty look and gets on the elevator. That’s the last we saw of her.

Piz vs. Logan

Veronica took a lot of harassment over the sex tape. She couldn’t walk through the campus food court without hearing snide remarks and laughter all around her. When she and Piz were trying to eat, some guy kept making comments. The guy was a weasel and Piz could’ve easily taken him, even with a bruised face and some busted ribs. It was Veronica who was ready for a fight though and Piz never made a move to defend her. Instead he and Veronica just got up and left. I’m not a big fan of violence, myself but it would’ve been nice if Piz could’ve at least made a move to fight the guy. Veronica would’ve stopped him anyway but when a guy says “looks even more familiar from behind” to your girlfriend when you know he’s seen her in a naughty video, you hit the guy. Veronica was about to but Piz just said Karma would take care of him and pulled her out of the room.

Towards the end of the episode, Logan approaches Veronica trying to apologize to her for everything that happened. Gory shows up and gives Veronica the bug back, calling her a real bitch and telling her he’s glad they made the tape and distributed it. When Gory gets up to leave, Logan goes to go after him but Veronica stops him (see!) and tells him not to touch the guy because he’s really “connected.” Logan figured something was up when Veronica just sat their taking all of Gory’s crap.

He tells Veronica again that he’s really sorry for what happened. She says it’s a nice gesture but it’s going to take some time. Logan, thinking of a better gesture, walks up to Gory and beats him up. He throws food on him and kicks him down asking Veronica if she wants Gory to apologize. Veronica isn’t interested in an apology but takes her camera-pen out of Gory’s pocket. Gory tells Logan, “Whoever you are, you’re gonna die.” Logan smiles at him, wipes some blood off his hand, onto his shirt and says, “yeah, someday.” This makes Veronica smirk.

As Logan is about to walk away, Piz walks up. Logan tells him he’s sorry for everything. It’s clear on his face that he means it and its clear on Veronica’s face that Logan is growing up. That’s all we get though. That’s the final Logan-Veronica moment and while it wasn’t a reunion or a confession of their undying love for one another (and let’s face it, that wouldn’t have fit the season or this show but still…), it will have to be enough for those of us who think these two were made for each other.

And with that, I sign off with my last ‘Veronica Mars’ write-up. To my fellow ‘Mars’ fans, it was a good run. To The CW, I bid you adieu with a bitter smile and a rude hand gesture.

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